Over 100 images are included in the .zip file. Unless otherwise stated,

  • Images are .png format
  • The first logo listed for each team is provided in 41×28 pixels and 125×125 pixels sizes.
  • Alternate logos and hats are 125×125 pixels.

Major League Baseball

  • MLB Logo
  • American League Logo
  • National League Logo

American League East

  • Baltimore Orioles: Bird, Bird with script “Orioles”, Cartoon Bird, Hat
  • Boston Red Sox: B logo, Pair of red socks, “Boston Red Sox” circle logo, Hat
  • New York Yankees: NY logo, Script “Yankees” & top hat on baseball, Hat
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Star (new logo), Rays Diamond, Ray swimming, Hat
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Blue Jay with maple leaf, “Toronto Blue Jays” circle Logo, Hat

American League Central

  • Chicago White Sox: Sox logo, White Sock in diamond, Hat
  • Cleveland Indians: Block C (blue background), Block C (white Background) Cartoon Indian, Hat
  • Detroit Tigers: D logo (blue background), D logo (white background), Tiger in D, Hat
  • Kansas City Royals: KC logo, KC Shield, with script “Royals”, Hat
  • Minnesota Twins: TC logo, “Minnesota Twins” circle logo, State outline with Twins, Hat

American League West

  • Houston Astros: “Houston Astros” circle logo, H Star logo, Hat
  • Los Angeles Angels: Big A with halo logo, “Angels Baseball” circle logo, Hat
  • Oakland Athletics: “Oakland Athletics” circle logo, A’s logo, Elephant on ball, Hat
  • Seattle Mariners: “Mariners” logo, “Seattle Mariners” circle logo, Hat
  • Texas Rangers: “Texas Rangers” circle logo, Block T, Block T with Texas flag, Hat

National League East

  • Atlanta Braves: Script “Braves” (with tomahawk), A logo, Hat
  • Miami Marlins: M logo, M with “Miami”, Hat
  • New York Mets: Script “Mets” with Skyline, NY logo, Script “Mets”, Hat
  • Philadelphia Phillies: P logo, “Phillies” with Liberty Bell, Hat
  • Washington Nationals: “Washington Nationals” circle logo, Script W, Hat

National League Central

  • Chicago Cubs: Block C, Block C with Cubs, C with bear cub, Hat
  • Cincinnati Reds: C with “Reds” logo, Mr Red logo, Hat
  • Milwaukee Brewers: Script “Brewers”, MB glove logo, Hat
  • Pittsburgh Pirates: Block P, Pirate with bats, Hat
  • St. Louis Cardinals: StL logo, Bird on bat, Bird on bat with script “Cardinals”, Hat

National League West

  • Arizona Diamondbacks: D snake logo, A logo, Snake Head with ball, Hat
  • Colorado Rockies: “Colorado Rockies” semi-circle, CR logo, Hat
  • Script Los Angeles Dodgers: “Dodgers” with ball, LA logo, Hat
  • San Diego Padres: SD logo, Swinging Friar, Hat
  • San Francisco Giants: “Giants” on ball, SF logo, “Giants” with bridge, Hat


Your purchase is for the labor expended to convert the images to the optimal sizes for use in the MSTW plugins – at least one 41x28px and one 125x125px image for each team. NO RIGHTS TO USE THESE IMAGES ON YOUR SITE ARE GRANTED OR IMPLIED. You must obtain the rights necessary to use each image on your site, which depends on your site (personal, commercial), and the organization owning the rights to the image. Logos are “as is”. They may not be up to date with recent uniform changes.