Over 100 images are included in the .zip file. Unless otherwise stated,

  • Images are .png format
  • The first logo listed for each team is provided in 41×28 pixels and 125×125 pixels sizes.
  • Alternate logos and hats are 125×125 pixels.

National Football League

  • The NFL Shield
  • AFC Logo
  • NFC Logo

AFC East

  • Buffalo Bills: Charging Bill logo, Retro Bill logo, Helmet
  • Miami Dolphins: Sunburst Dolphin logo, Retro Dolphin logo, Helmet
  • New York Jets: NY Jets logo, Retro “Jets”, Helmet
  • New England Patriots: New Patriot logo, Retro Patriot(center) logo, helmet, retro Helmet

AFC North

  • Cincinnati Bengals: Bengal logo, Striped B, Helmet
  • Cleveland Browns: Helmet Stripes, Helmet
  • Baltimore Ravens: Raven logo, Ravens Shield, Helmet
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Steel Logo, Retro logo, Helmet

AFC South

  • Indianapolis Colts: Horseshoe, Helmet
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: Jaguar logo, Helmet
  • Houston Texans: Texans logo, Helmet
  • Tennessee Titans: Titans logo, Retro logo, Helmet

AFC West

  • Denver Broncos: Bronco Logo, Helmet, Retro Helmet
  • Kansas City Chiefs: KC Arrowhead, Helmet
  • Oakland Raiders: Raiders Shield, Helmet
  • San Diego Chargers: Lightning Bolt, Retro logo, Helmet, Retro Helmet

NFC East

  • Dallas Cowboys: Cowboys Star, Helmet
  • New York Giants: NY logo, Helmet
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Eagle logo, Helmet
  • Washington Redskins: Redskins logo, Helmet

NFC North

  • Chicago Bears: “C” logo, Helmet
  • Detroit Lions: Lion logo, Helmet
  • Green Bay Packers: “G” logo, Helmet
  • Minnesota Vikings: Viking Logo, Helmet

NFC South

  • Atlanta Falcons: Falcon logo, Helmet
  • Carolina Panthers: Panther logo, Helmet
  • New Orleans Saints: Fleur-de-Lis logo, Helmet
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Pirate Flag logo, Pirate Ship logo, Retro Buccaneer logo, Helmet

NFC West

  • Arizona Cardinals: Cardinal logo, Cardinal logo w/ “Arizona Cardinals” text, Helmet
  • Los Angeles Rams: Ram logo, Ram logo w/ “Los Angeles Rams” text, Helmet
  • Seattle Seahawks: Seahawk logo, Seahawk logo w/ “Seattle Seahawks” text, Helmet
  • San Francisco 49ers: Block SF logo, Helmet

Unless otherwise stated,

  • Images are .png format
  • The first logo listed for each team is provided in 41×28 pixel and 125×125 pixel sizes.
  • Alternate logos and helmets are 125×125 pixel.


Your purchase is for the labor expended to convert the images to the optimal sizes for use in the MSTW plugins – at least one 41x28px and one 125x125px image for each team. NO RIGHTS TO USE THESE IMAGES ON YOUR SITE ARE GRANTED OR IMPLIED. You must obtain the rights necessary to use each image on your site, which depends on your site (personal, commercial), and the organization owning the rights to the image.