Change Log


  • Added the Sport Schedule Table shortcode [mstw_lm_sport_schedule]. This can be useful for a site with many leagues in the same sport.
  • Added a column on the Sports admin screen for the sport’s Display Season.


  • Added the Sport Scoreboard shortcode [mstw_lm_sport_scoreboard]. This can be useful when a site wants to display all the leagues for a given sport and season.
  • (Re-) implemented the argument ‘date_order’=DESC. This allows games to be displayed on the scoreboard in reverse chronological order.


No functionality was added to this release. However, a number of small changes were made to support the MSTW League Manager 2.3 release. If you are using League Manager 2.3, you should upgrade to this build.


  • Added the School (or organization) database, which allows Teams to be assigned to schools. This simplifies admin.
  • Added the Sport database, which allows Sports to be assigned to Schools. This association may be used in custom themes and their page templates, which can greatly reduce the number of pages and their maintenance for websites with large numbers of leagues, schools, and teams.
  • Rosters from the MSTW Team Rosters plugin can be linked to a team. (Version 4.1.3 of Team Rosters is required to support this feature.)
  • Changed/corrected a ‘design decision’ that prevented more than 300 games from displaying properly in sliders and tickers.
  • A media icon (with link to a media file or website) can be displayed on schedule sliders, tickers, galleries, and scoreboards.
  • The display in the Media column in schedule tables when no media link is found now defaults to a blank (rather than “No media found.”), which allows the column to be ‘re-purposed’ more flexibly.
  • Added filters provide control over the message displayed when no media is found and when no location is found.
  • Added a SCHOOL Scoreboard shortcode.


  • Nonleague games are now shown by default. So you only need to use the show_nonleague argument if you DO NOT want to show nonleague games, then use show_nonleague=0 in the shortcode.
  • Media icon with link appears in all shortcodes when a game has a media link. (Update games or Manage Games screen).
  • All shortcodes now support multiple seasons.


  • Initial release.