Frequently Asked Questions

I am a MSTW League Manager user. Why should I pay for the MSTW League Manager Add-ons?
Maybe you don’t. It’s pretty simple. If you are managing league schedules and updating game results in League Manager, the Add-ons give you the ability to automatically update league standings from the game results. There is no need to enter the team records. That can save you a lot of time. On the other hand, if you are not managing league schedules and updating game results, you can use the basic plugin and simply update the records. There is no need to add and update games.

Is that all there is to the Add-ons?
Well, not quite. The Add-ons also provide a number of new shortcodes including:

  • League Scoreboards – display a “scoreboard view”
  • Team Sliders – view a slider for a specified team and season
  • School Sliders – display a slider for ALL sports for a specified school and season
  • Sport Sliders – display a slider for ALL games for a specified sport and season

and that list will be growing with each new release. See the Shortcodes man page for the details of each shortcode.

Can I automatically update the standings for one league which has games and schedules and use team records for another league?
Yes, and no. Since settings are for each sport, not each league, you can use auto-updates for some sports and team records for other sports.

I set up everything correctly but I still get the message “No records found.” What am I doing wrong?
Probably nothing. Go to the Settings page and make sure the “Auto-fill Standings checkbox is checked for the sport of the league you specify in the standings shortcode. It is not checked by default, which allows the standings to use the specified league’s team Records rather than league’s games and their results.