Data Entry – Teams

Two admin screens support player data entry: MSTW Teams and Edit Team. Each screen is described below.

MSTW Teams Screen

As shown in the screenshot below, the MSTW Teams screen serves two purposes: it lists all the teams in the custom taxonomy, and it allows new teams to be added to the taxonomy. [Think of this custom teams taxonomy like you would “tags” for regular posts. It is NOT hierarchical like “categories” are.] The first thing you should do when configuring a site is set up your Teams taxonomy. No rosters can be displayed unless and until Players are assigned to Teams.
Add New Team

The table on the right listing all teams required no further explanation, EXCEPT the MSTW Linked Team column, which is discussed in the Add New Team section below.

Add New Team

Name. The name is the way the team will appear on the site’s front end.

Slug. The slug can be left blank. If so, the system will insert it for you.

Description. The team description does not appear on the front end.

Team from MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards. The combo box allows you to link the team to a team in the MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards teams table (if MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards is installed). Why? If a team in Team Rosters is linked to a team in Schedules & Scoreboards, Team Rosters can be configured in the Settings screen to use the team colors and logos from Schedules & Scoreboards. These options are described on the Settings screen man pages.

The fields in the Edit Team screen are the same as those in the Add New Team section above.