Sample CSS for Custom Countdown Timer (shortcode and widget)

You can check out the results of these custom rules for the MSTW Game Schedule Plugin’s slider on the MSTW Development site. /*————————————————————– * 49ers Countdown Timer *————————————————————*/ .mstw-ss-cdt-dtg.mstw-ss-cdt-dtg_2014-san-francisco-49ers { color: #AA0000; /*49er red*/ } .mstw-ss-cdt-opponent.mstw-ss-cdt-opponent_2014-san-francisco-49ers, .mstw-ss-cdt-opponent.mstw-ss-cdt-opponent_2014-san-francisco-49ers a { color: #AA0000; /*49er red*/ } .mstw-ss-cdt-location.mstw-ss-cdt-location_2014-san-francisco-49ers, .mstw-ss-cdt-location.mstw-ss-cdt-location_2014-san-francisco-49ers a { color: #C8AA76; /*49er gold*/ } .mstw-ss-cdt-intro.mstw-ss-cdt-intro_2014-san-francisco-49ers { color: #AA0000; /*49er red*/ }…

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