Frequently Asked Questions

The show_home_away argument does not work for the [mstw_team_schedule] shortcode doesn’t work on my site. What am I doing wrong?

Probably nothing. The problem will occur for sites that have (a) upgraded from 1.0 (rather than starting with 1.1), and (b) previous changed the default settings for the league(s) in question. It comes from a weakness in a the current design. Here’s how to fix it in the WP admin:

  • Capture any front-end screens (team schedule tables) you want to preserve. You are going to have to re-configure the settings for the league.
  • Go to the Leagues screen, edit the league(s) in question, and change it’s sport to something you have not used. (On the dev site, I changed the Pac-12 from “NCAA Football” to just “Football”, but it could have been “Badminton”, it doesn’t matter.
  • Voila! The asterisks will now appear …
  • BUT, you will have to reconfigure the new sport to match the old. That’s where your screen captures will come in handy.