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MSTW League Manager 2.0

Why the numbering jump from 1.4 to 2.0? The entire plugin was restructured to support the automatic, on-the-fly updates of league standings from the league’s game results. With the introduction of the MSTW League Manager Add-ons, team records no longer need to be created and maintained. Continue reading

MSTW Bracket Builder Updated

Tournament Bracket Builder - Fixtures Table Thumbnail

Both the free and premium versions of the MSTW Bracket Builder have been updated. The free version is available on, and the premium version is available on (If you have purchased the premium version, you should be able … Continue reading

What’s Next? … MSTW League Manager

MSTW League Manager Multi Standings

Team Rosters 4.1 has been released and the smoke has cleared (4.1.2). Up next are some needed upgrades to MSTW League Manager in time for football season. Planned enhancements include: Automatic Standings Update. There have been numerous requests for this … Continue reading