MSTW Schedule Builder Users Manual

Schedule Builder Overview & Quickstart Guide

The MSTW Schedule Builder builds ‘balanced’ single round robin schedules for leagues and tournaments for up to six teams. Future releases will handle double round robin (home-and-home) schedules for up to thirty-two teams. NOTE: This plugin REQUIRES the MSTW LEAGUE MANAGER PLUGIN (version 2.5 for higher) to handle the creation of leagues, seasons, and teams. Depending on the size of … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I activate the plugin? OR why doesn’t the plugin’s menu appear in my admin dashboard menu? The MSTW League Manager plugin (version 2.5 or later) must be installed to activate and use the MSTW Schedule Builder plugin. Can I create a double round robin (home & home) schedule? This option will be available in a future release. Can … Continue reading


The plugin can be installed via the standard WordPress plugin install methods. The AUTOMATED way: 1. Go to the Plugins->Installed plugins page in WordPress Admin.2. Click on Add New.3. Search for MSTW Schedule Builder.4. Click “Install Now”.5. Activate the plugin.6. Use the new Schedule Builder admin menu to create round-robin schedules for leagues and tournaments. The MANUAL way: 1. Download the … Continue reading

Schedule Builder Screen

The MSTW Schedule Builder plugin provides great flexibility in scheduling games, but at the top level two types of round robin schedules are supported – tournament schedules and league schedules. For tournaments, games are often played at the same facility – a group of courts or fields at the same location, a park or a gym for example. The following … Continue reading

Update Games

The MSTW Schedule Builder Update Games screen is a mini-version of the MSTW League Manager plugin Update Games (or Manage Games) screen. It offers one feature NOT provided by the MSTW League Manager Update Games screen – the ability to change the teams involved in a game. The reason is that the user creates the games in League Manager, so … Continue reading

Why a Child Theme?

Three paragraphs for WordPress newbies on why you ALWAYS want to use a child theme. Continue reading