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Basic Support

Basic support is free for all plugins through This support is intended to answer simple questions (holes in the users documentation), and address bugs. Custom changes to plugin stylesheets necessary to make the front-end displays integrate well with and look great in your specific theme are covered through Gold Support.

What’s the difference between the “Gold Support” forum on this site and what’s available on
The plugins’ “readme” files will provide complete information, including installation instructions and FAQs, but there is the assumption that you know your way around WordPress themes, plugins, PHP, and CSS. Bugs may be reported and questions can still be asked in the WP plugin rolex daytona 116505 automatic everose gold 40mm oyster watch forums. However, if you’d like some help on theme integration or CSS issues, that will now be through this site’s Gold Support forums. Also, the response time on the Gold Support forums will not exceed 48 hours, usually less than 24, depending on timezone differences. The plugin tutorials and code snippets will only be available through Gold Support.

Gold Support

Gold Support is the best option for both new and experienced WordPress admins and for developers who are learning the WordPress Content Management System, and/or may not understand Cascading Style Sheets (css). It’s about helping you use the MSTW plugins to make your WordPress sports site sing. It’s about making your user experience better while using the MSTW plugins with WordPress and your chosen theme. It’s about helping you make minor modifications to your theme or these plugins to better suit your needs.

For only $25 per year you will have complete access to in-depth documentation, support forums, and video tutorials.

Benefits of Gold Support:

  • Support Forums. Ask an unlimited number of questions on the support forums for all plugins. There really is no limit!
  • Documentation and Tutorials. You’ll have access to quality documentation for all the MSTW plugins, as well as a growing library of video tutorials. Here’s a sample.

  • Snippets Database. As a member, you’ll have access to the growing database of code snippets, which features quick code snippets and CSS tweaks for use in WordPress with your theme and the MSTW plugins.
  • Translation Friendly. The MSTW plugins are in use around the world. Translations exist for many languages: Spanish, French, German, Finnish, Greek, Italian, Croatian, and more. We can help you get the most from the internationalization and localization capabilities of WordPress (but you have to provide the language fluency).
  • WordPress Help. While general WordPress help is not an official component of our Gold Support, interaction of the MSTW plugins with your theme and WordPress configuration is an important element of Gold Support. While we can’t expect to solve every integration issue, we will do our best. Other forum members may have already encountered and solved the same problems with a theme or a WordPress configuration that are frustrating you.

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Dedicated Consulting

This option is best for support with existing WordPress sites, requiring login to the admin dashboard, and/or access to the site’s database or file system. (I do NOT login to Gold Support Members’ WordPress Sites.)

This option is also for customization of existing plugins and creation of new plugins for your site’s specific needs.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and obtain a price quote.