MSTW Framework

The My Sports Team Website (MSTW) Framework is a professional framework for sports websites. Originally conceived to support single sport websites (high school football teams), the framework continues to expand to better support multi-sport (athletic department or school) and sports league websites. It is easy to deploy and manage by beginning, non-technical WordPress users, yet flexible, extensible, and customizable for more experienced, technical users. It consists of a set of plugins, all of which can be deployed with any theme, and a theme (not currently available), which ties the plugins together, greatly simplifying the site’s admin burden. The theme provides a set of sports site oriented theme settings allowing users to set brand their site, and control major elements of it’s look and feel (colors, navigation, etc.) without editing CSS stylesheets.

You can check out the MSTW Plugins that are currently available on the MSTW Development & Test Page. They have proven flexible enough to support a wide variety of sports including: football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, golf, and even darts! Throughout this growth process, additional plugins and capabilities have been regularly added to the plugins. With over 25,000 downloads they are now in use worldwide. They are translation-ready and have been translated into several languages using the native WordPress internationalization capabilities. The five existing plugins may be obtained FOR FREE on the plugins page. There is no plan to change that; both the existing plugins and new plugins will be available FREE of charge.

If you are interested in using the framework’s theme when it is available, which will also be available FREE of charge, please subscribe to our newsletter to track progress.

The My Sports Team Website (MSTW) framework can be deployed in two ways. First, an experienced WordPress admin can download it as is and build a website. Second, an organization can contract with a knowledgeable WordPress developer to set up web hosting, install WordPress, install the framework, and configure it for their brand. The author offers such support services. The intent is that once installed and configured, the MSTW-based website will be easy to update and maintain by non-technical or beginning WordPress admins.

Why use the My Sports Team Website (MSTW) framework for your team? Because it is easy, intuitive, and fun. Perhaps more importantly, it also opens up the potential of a sizable amount of income from advertisers, because it can offer businesses a real return on their advertising dollars, far beyond a basic ad on the team site.