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Team Rosters 4.5

Team Rosters version 4.5 is now available on This release includes a number of new features and several bug fixes. A complete summary of changes is available on this man page and in the plugin’s readme.txt file. Continue reading

MSTW Bracket Builder Version 1.3

Version 1.3 of the MSTW Bracket Builder Free and Premium plugins is now available. Users of the free version should have been notified in their Admin Dashboard about the upgrade on Users of the premium version may now download it from the MSTW Store ( -> Store -> All My Downloads). Continue reading

MSTW Team Rosters 4.4

MSTW Team Rosters 4.4 will be released soon. It contains three new features: The man page for the shortcode is available here. A quick introduction to the [mstw-tr-roster-2] shortcode:

Team Rosters 4.3

An update to Team Rosters 4.3 should appear in your admin panel in the near future. It has two new features: the Settings link from the plugins page now works and a dropdown menu of all players on a selected team appears on the player bio page for all players on that team. Continue reading