Team Rosters 4.5

Team Rosters version 4.5 is now available on This release includes a number of new features and several bug fixes. The significant enhancements include:

A complete summary of changes is available on this man page and in the plugin’s readme.txt file. The following video provides a summary of the color and data field settings for the [mstw-roster-table-2] shortcode.

What’s next? Several upgrades and clean-up chores are on the list:

  • Upgrading the Data Fields and Columns settings to allow columns to be re-positioned.
  • Investigate adding a year for each roster, and allowing the capability to move a team’s players from one year’s roster to the next year, perhaps updating the applicable information like class and experience and ‘graduating’ seniors.
  • Add the recently added fields like ‘long position’ and ‘long class’ to the CSV import feature and re-test.
  • Clean up the player photo size mess. I’m not settled on what to do here, but the player photos may be locked in at 125×125 px. (Scaling appropriately when resizing windows. I recommend using this size until this gets sorted out.

If you have other requests now is the time to send them.