Video Tutorials

These tutorials are available to MSTW Gold Support members, and MSTW League Manager Add-ons and MSTW Bracket Builder premium subscribers as applicable. .

Bracket Builder Tutorials

BB: Common Problems with Bracket Builder

BB: Create Team with Home Venue

BB: Creating a Text-Based Tournament Bracket with MSTW Bracket Builder

BB: Creating a Tournament with MSTW Bracket Builder (Premium Version)

BB: Installing MSTW Bracket Builder Premium Version

CSV Exporter Tutorials

CSVX: Exporting to CSV Files via MSTW CSV Exporter

League Manager Tutorials

LM: Admin Roles & Functionality (2.9+)

LM: Create a Team with Home Venue

LM: Customizing Multi-Team Schedules

LM: Head-to-Head as Tiebreaker

LM: Installing MSTW League Manager Add-ons

LM: League Schedule Tables (Coming Soon!)

LM: League Standings with Multiple Divisions

LM: Managing “Meets” (v2.7+)

LM: Multi-League Standings Shortcode

LM: OT Games w/o LM Addons

LM: Overtime Games w/ LM Addons

LM: Schedule Tickers & Sliders (Coming Soon!)

LM: Setting up Team & School Admins

LM: Settings Admin Screen

LM: Shortcode Arguments (Coming Soon!)

LM: Standings Tables

LM: Team Schedule Table

LM: Teams Database & Display Settings

LM: Using the Schools Database

LM: Venue Groups

Schedule Builder Tutorials

SB: Schedule Builder Introduction

Schedules & Scoreboards Tutorials

SS: Importing CSV Files into MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards

SS: Styling the Schedule Slider

SS: Styling the Schedule Table

SS: Styling the Scoreboard Ticker

Team Rosters Tutorials

TR: Customizing the Colors on Roster Tables (Team Rosters v 4.0)

TR: Customizing the Single Player & Player Gallery Templates (Team Rosters v 4.0)

TR: Customizing the Team Logos (Team Rosters v 4.0)

TR: Customizing the Team Rosters 2 Shortcode

TR: Introduction to Team Rosters 2 Shortcode

TR: Migrating Data from Team Rosters v 3.1.2 to Version 4.0 (Team Rosters v 4.0)

TR: Upgrading to Team Rosters 4.0