MSTW Team Rosters Plugin Users Manual

Team Rosters Plugin Overview & Quick Start Guide

The MSTW Team Rosters plugin manages team rosters and their players. The plugin supports as many players, teams, and rosters as needed. Continue reading

Add Players To Rosters

The Add Players screen shown in the following screenshot allows the admin to add players to a team in blocks of twenty. However, there are a couple of limitations, Continue reading

Change Log

A list of plugin versions and the changes in each. Continue reading

CSV File Format

The CSV file formats are simple, but formatting errors are the source of most import problems. I suggest you start by downloading the sample files. Continue reading

CSV File Import

Team rosters can be loaded from files in CSV format. This allows admins to load their team roster(s) from an Excel spreadsheet, which is often used to create printed rosters. Continue reading

CSV Sample Files

I use the following CSV files to test the CSV function. Almost all CSV issues in the support forums have turned out to be file format issues. Continue reading

Customizing the Team Rosters Plugin

Team Rosters provides a robust capability to customize the plugin's displays - roster tables, player galleries, and player profiles. The four ways to customize the plugin are described below. Continue reading

Edit Rosters

The Edit Rosters screen shown in the following screenshot allows the admin to quickly edit a team roster in blocks of twenty players. Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions (and the answers) about the plugin that have come up a number of times in the support forums. Continue reading


The plugin can be installed and updated in the standard WordPress ways. Continue reading

Manage Players

Two admin screens support player data entry: (All) Players and Add/Add Player. Each screen is described below. Continue reading

MSTW Roles & Capabilities

The MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards and Team Rosters plugins create a number of custom WordPress capabilities, and assign them across three custom WordPress user roles - Continue reading

Player Gallery & Single Player Profile Pages

Historically, these pages have proven to be the hardest for plugin users to get working properly. Careful attention to this page, the Installation page, the Usage Notes page, and the WordPress Support Forums should help you out. Continue reading


The default settings and colors for the shortcode displays and pages are controlled on this page. Continue reading

Settings – Player Profiles & Galleries

More settings unique to the Single Player Bio pages and Player Gallery pages are provided here. Generally speaking, these pages share the same color scheme. Continue reading

Settings – Roster Table Colors

These settings control of colors in the roster tables [mstw-tr-roster] and roster tables 2 [mstw-tr-roster-2]. They will override the default/generic settings in the plugin's stylesheet Continue reading

Settings – Roster Table Fields & Columns

These controls allow customization of roster displays by displaying or hiding data fields (columns), and changing the labels of data fields (columns). Continue reading

Settings – Roster Tables

The Roster Table tab provides a collection of settings not covered by the Data Fields & Columns tab and the Roster Table Colors tab. Two settings are worthy of some discussion: Continue reading


The following shortcodes, their arguments, and their front end displays are described below: [mstw-tr-roster], [mstw-tr-roster-2], and [mstw-tr-gallery]. Continue reading


The Manage Teams screen serves two purposes: it lists all the existing teams, and it allows teams to be added or editted. Continue reading

Upgrading to Version 4.0

Upgrading MSTW Team Rosters to version 4.0 from an earlier version is not as simple as pushing the WordPress upgrade plugin button, but it's not hard if you follow the steps listed below. Continue reading

Usage Notes

I recommend that, after reading these fine manual pages, you use the test pages on as guides to compare what works with what doesn't. Many good shortcode examples are there. Continue reading

Why a Child Theme?

Three paragraphs for WordPress newbies on why you ALWAYS want to use a child theme. Continue reading