MSTW Team Rosters Plugin Users Manual

Team Rosters Plugin Overview & Quick Start Guide

The MSTW Team Rosters plugin manages team rosters and their players. The plugin supports as many players, teams, and rosters as needed. Teams may be linked to teams in MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards or MSTW League Manager databases. The plugin supports three ‘views’ of team rosters: A [shortcode] allows you to add team rosters to pages or posts in (customizable) … Continue reading

Add Players To Rosters

The Add Players screen shown in the following screenshot allows the admin to add players to a team in blocks of twenty. The screenshot only shows a few players, but there can be up to 20 (paginated) on a screen. However, it comes with a couple of limitations, which are described in the note below. Select Team. Select a team … Continue reading

Change Log

4.1.4 Fixed bug with settings. Should be able to always save them now without PHP warnings. Removed call to get_screen_icon(). screen_icon() has been removed from WP core. 4.1.3 Added mstw_tr_get_teams_list to allow MSTW League Manager to link rosters to teams. Removed add_meta_boxes_mstw_lm_team action to eliminate PHP warnings. 4.1.2 Fixed a bug that prevented the Edit Rosters screen from saving any … Continue reading

CSV File Format

The CSV file formats are simple, but formatting errors are the source of most import problems. I suggest you start by downloading the sample files. Import the one that appears closest to your needs first. When that is working, modify it to suit your needs. The CSV file format starts with a “header row” (the first row of the file) … Continue reading

CSV File Import

Since version 2.0 team rosters can be loaded from files in CSV format. This allows admins to load their team roster(s) from an Excel spreadsheet, which is often used to create printed rosters. With the release of version 4.0, the CSV export/import process also translates v 3.1.2 data structures to the much richer version 4.0 structures. Continue reading

CSV Sample Files

I use the following CSV files to test the CSV function. Almost all CSV issues in the support forums have turned out to be file format issues*. Rather than starting from scratch, I highly recommend that you first test that you can import one or more of these files into your site, then modify one that works for your use. … Continue reading

Customizing the Team Rosters Plugin

Team Rosters provides a robust capability to customize the plugin’s displays – roster tables, player galleries, and player profiles. The four ways to customize the plugin are described below. Examples of their use are available on the MSTW Development site. Several video tutorials are available to Gold Support members on this site’s Tutorials page. Settings Screen. The customization options are … Continue reading

Edit Rosters

The Edit Rosters screen shown in the following screenshot allows the admin to quickly edit a team roster in blocks of twenty players. There can be up to 20 players (paginated) on a screen. This screen allows admins to edit or update existing rosters MUCH faster than using the Manage Players screen. However, it comes with a couple of limitations, … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get the message “Cheatin’ huh?” when I try to access some admin screens after installing version 4.0? This problem is related to the WP Roles & Capabilities system and the MSTW roles & capabilities that control access to the admin screens. The appropriate MSTW Capabilities are assigned to the Administrator role only when the plugin is activated. … Continue reading


INSTALLATION NOTES Basic installation the AUTOMATED Way Go to the Plugins->Installed plugins page in WordPress Admin. Click on Add New. Search for Team Rosters. Click Install Now. Activate the plugin. Use the new Players menu to create and manage your team rosters. Use the Settings page to configure the plugin, shortcode, and single player page. Basic installation the MANUAL Way … Continue reading

Manage Players

Two admin screens support player data entry: (All) Players and Add/Add Player. Each screen is described below. Players Screen The Players screen provides a list of all players as shown below. You can filter the list by team, just like you might filter regular posts by category or tag. You can also sort the list by name (title), first name, … Continue reading

MSTW Roles & Capabilities

The MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards and Team Rosters plugins create a number of custom WordPress capabilities, and assign them across three custom WordPress user roles – MSTW Admin, MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards Admin, and MSTW Team Rosters Admin. Users can then be assigned to any of these MSTW Roles on the Users admin screen shown below. So what does this … Continue reading

Player Gallery & Single Player Profile Pages

Historically, these pages have proven to be the hardest for plugin users to get working properly. Careful attention to this page, the Installation page, the Usage Notes page, and the WordPress Support Forums should help you out (hopefully a lot). For those who are more knowledgeable and interested in some technical details of WordPress, is the NOTE** below. Single Player … Continue reading


The default settings for the Team Rosters Tables [shortcode], Player Gallery [shortcode], Single Player (Bio) Pages, and Player Gallery (Taxonomy) Pages may be modified on the plugin’s Settings page. NOTE 1: IN ORDER FOR THESE SETTINGS TO TAKE EFFECT, THE SPECIFIED ROSTER SHORTCODE FORMAT MUST BE “CUSTOM” OR BLANK. If a specific format, such as “college”, “pro”, or “high-school” is … Continue reading

Settings – Data Fields & Columns

These controls allow customization of roster displays by displaying or hiding data fields (columns), and changing the labels of data fields (columns). This allows the re-purposing of data fields (columns) for very general uses, perhaps not even sports related. The purpose and use of these fields is self-evident. Note that the Name field cannot be hidden, but it can be … Continue reading

Settings – Player Profiles & Galleries

More settings unique to the Single Player Bio pages and Player Gallery pages are provided here. Generally speaking, these pages share the same color scheme. Two important settings in this section are: Add Links to Player Bios. Adds links from the Player Gallery pages to the Single Player Bio pages. By default these links are NOT enabled. Player Photo Size. … Continue reading

Settings – Roster Table Colors

Roster Table Color Settings These settings control of colors in the roster tables, single player profiles, and player galleries. They will override the default/generic settings in the plugin’s stylesheet (/css/mstw-tr-styles.css). However, each team’s displays may be styled individually using the plugin’s stylesheet. See the examples on the MSTW plugin development page or read more about how to use the stylesheet. … Continue reading

Settings – Roster Tables

The Roster Table tab provides a collection of settings not covered by the Data Fields & Columns tab and the Roster Table Colors tab. Two settings are worthy of some discussion: Roster Table Format. This setting MUST be set to custom (the default), if you want the Data Fields & Columns settings to take affect. Other settings will provide custom … Continue reading


The following shortcodes for front end displays are described below. Roster Tables [mstw-tr-roster team=team-slug] Roster Galleries [mstw-tr-gallery team=team-slug] Roster Tables The Team Rosters roster table shortcode is: [mstw-tr-roster team=team-slug] The team argument is REQUIRED. Nothing will display without it. Many other arguments are available to control the table as discussed below. The Team Rosters Table layout is controlled by three … Continue reading


Two admin screens support player data entry: (Manage) Teams and Edit Team. Each screen is described below. (Note that the terms “Team” and “Roster” are used interchangeably.) Manage Teams Screen The Manage Teams screen serves two purposes: it lists all the existing teams, and it allows new teams to be added. The first thing you may want do when configuring … Continue reading

Upgrading to Version 4.0

Upgrading MSTW Team Rosters to version 4.0 from an earlier version is not as simple as pushing the WordPress upgrade plugin button, but it’s not hard if you follow the steps listed below. NOTE these steps are not necessary for a new installation, use them only if you want to move existing data from version 3.1.2 to version 4.0. BACKUP … Continue reading

Usage Notes

I recommend that, after reading these fine manual pages, you use the test pages on as guides to compare what works with what doesn’t. Many good shortcode examples are there. Help me seek out and destroy a dastardly bugs! There WAS a problem with Team Rosters plugin breaking the Featured Image (Thumbnail) for posts in SOME THEMES. I believe … Continue reading

Why a Child Theme?

Three paragraphs for WordPress newbies on why you ALWAYS want to use a child theme. Continue reading