Edit Rosters

The Edit Rosters screen shown in the following screenshot allows the admin to quickly edit a team roster in blocks of twenty players. This screen allows admins to edit or update existing rosters MUCH faster than using the Manage Players screen. However, it comes with a couple of limitations, which are described in the note below.

Edit Rosters Screen

  1. Select Team. Select a team (roster) from the list provided and click the Change Team button. The players on the selected team’s roster will be displayed paginated in groups of twenty.
  2. Player Data.The player data fields are self-explanatory. Note however, the player data fields may be ‘re-purposed’, that is, re-defined to serve other purposes.
  3. Update Roster.Click this button to save your changes. Be sure to click this button before leaving the Edit Rosters screen!

Use the Manage Players screen to edit player photos and player bios. Those fields cannot be edited on this screen.