MSTW Coaching Staffs Plugin Users Manual

Coaching Staffs Plugin Overview

This plugin is designed to handle some challenges unique to high school coaching staffs, where coaches often coach two (or more) teams in different roles. Continue reading

Change Log & Upgrade Notices

A list of all plugin versions and the changes in each one. Continue reading

Coaching Staffs Table [shortcode]

The Coaching Staff Table layout is a simple but very flexible table roster of a coaching staff. Continue reading

Data Entry

Three sets of admin screens support data entry: Add/Edit Coach, Add/Edit Staff Position, and Add/Edit Staff. Each screen is described below. Continue reading

Display Settings

These settings control the data displayed and the colors of the staff tables [shortcode], the single coach profiles, and the coaches galleries. Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions

Read some support questions that have come up frequently. Yours may just be in there! Continue reading


The plugin can be installed using the standard WordPress automated and manual installations. Continue reading

Single Coach Profile and Coaches Gallery Pages

For those who are more knowledgeable in some technical details of WordPress, “coach” is simply a custom post type, and `single-coach.php` is just the template for displaying a single post of “coach” type following the WordPress Template hierarchy. “Staffs” is a custom taxonomy (non-hierarchical, so think “tag”, not “category”) and the `taxonomy-staffs.php` template displays all the (custom coach) posts in … Continue reading

Styling the Plugin’s Displays

The graphic design of the coaching staff tables, the single coach's profile pages, and the coaches gallery pages may be modified by editing the plugin's style sheet /css/mstw-cs-styles.css. Continue reading

Why a Child Theme?

Three paragraphs for WordPress newbies on why you ALWAYS want to use a child theme. Continue reading