Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the look (text colors, background colors, etc.) of the coaching staff tables, the coaches gallery, and/or the single coach profile page?
You can use the Display Settings admin screen (screenshot-9) to style the coaches table, coaches gallery, and single coach profile displays. However it is strongly recommended that you customize the plugin’s default stylesheet.

How do I get my coaches images to work?
A coach’s image is loaded as the featured image when editing a coach and then appears on the single coach profile page and the coaches gallery page(s). By default, these images should be 150×150 pixels, or they may be distorted when displayed. You may also need to set the thumbnail size to 150×150 in the Admin Dashboard->Settings->Media admin screen. (This may cause problems with your theme, but it’s what is there right now. It will be upgraded in the next release of the plugin.) You can set the size for this image in the Coaches table on the Display Settings page. It should be the same aspect ratio as the uploaded image. If there is no image for a coach, the plugin will look for these two files in the following order:

  1. images/default-photo-staff-slug.jpg – which will be the default image for a particular staff, maybe the team logo, that you will have to load into that directory yourself. In this release it should be 150×150 pixels, or at least have the same square aspect ratio, or it will be distorted.
  2. images/default-photo.jpg – this is the ‘no image found’ image that is provided with the plugin.

The links from the coaches’ names to their profile/bio pages appear to be broken. What did I do wrong?
Maybe nothing. First, please review the installation instructions. You must copy the single-coach.php template file into your theme’s main directory.

I’m positive I installed everything correctly, but the links to the single coach profile pages (coach bios) still don’t work. What’s wrong?
You probably need to reset your permalinks. Go to your admin dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks. Change the permalink setting and save. Then change it back. (FWIW, you want to use the Post-name setting, or you will run into (fixable) problems, but you must change it then change it back to reset the permalinks.)

Okay, I got the links working but the single coach profile pages and/or the coaches gallery pages are all messed up. What did I do wrong?
Probably nothing. These templates, and the associated stylesheets and settings, were tested with the WordPress Twenty Eleven theme. Your theme may be overriding some of the styles (often through use of the dreaded css !important), defining display areas that are too small (or too big) for various elements of the plugin, or any number of other issues. This can all be fixed via the plugin’s stylesheet and/or modifications to the templates, but it must be done on a theme-by-theme basis. I can sometimes help; post questions the the plugin’s forum page.

Can I display more than one coaching staff table on a single page by using multiple shortcodes?

Can I change the colors of different coaching staff tables on a single page or in different pages?
Yes. If you inspect a coaches table (say using the Chrome or Firefox/Firebug developer’s tools), you will find that some rules include “hooks” for finer grained control. For example,

<table class="mstw-cs-table mstw-cs-table-team-slug">

You can use the .class-team-slug class to create custom rules for all the table’s elements in the plugin’s stylesheet.

Can I display more than one coaching staff gallery on a single page?