MSTW League Manager Plugin Users Manual

MSTW League Manager Overview & Quick Start Guide

The MSTW League Manager plugin manages multiple leagues, their teams, and their teams' records. A variety of shortcodes are available to display league standings, league schedules, and team schedules. Continue reading

Actions & Filters

Several actions and filters are available to allow customization of a number of the plugin's features. Continue reading

All Sports

The "All Sports" sport is useful for "local" sites that maintain a large set of teams for games against local teams. Continue reading

BYEs or Open Dates (v2.6+)

Starting with version 2.6, MSTW League supports BYEs or open dates in schedule tables and galleries. Continue reading

Calculating Points

Points are calculated based on the plugin's settings for points awarded for wins, losses, ties (or draws), overtime wins, and overtime losses. Continue reading

Calculating Win Percentage

Win percentage is calculated by the following formula: Win percentage is calculated by the following formula: ( Wins * Ties / 2 ) / Games_Played. Continue reading

Change Log

A list of all plugin versions and the changes in each one. Continue reading

CSS Styling of Front End Displays

The plugin provides flexibility in styling the front-end displays (from shortcodes) via Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions

Read some support questions that have come up frequently. Yours may just be in there! Continue reading

Game Status Display

The game status is displayed in schedule sliders and tickers, and in schedule tables as a collection of columns. Continue reading

Games – Add Games

The Add Games screen allows you to add games in bulk to a given league and season. First, select the league and season, then enter the games. Continue reading

Games – Edit Game

Use the Edit Game screen to add games or edit games. All data fields are described with an annotated screenshot. Continue reading

Games – Manage Games

The Manage Games screen is the gateway to edit the Games database. The data columns are described with an annotated screenshot. Continue reading

Games – Update Games

The Update Games screen allows the status for all games in a given league and season to be updated quickly. Continue reading

I18N – Language Translation

The plugin is translation ready. Continue reading

Import CSV Files

Venues, Teams, and Games can be imported in bulk via Comma Separated Value (CSV) files. Continue reading


The plugin can be installed via the three standard WordPress plugin install methods. Continue reading


The Leagues screen is the first stop when using the plugin. Without at least one league, nothing happens. Continue reading

Media Links

The capability to link media to games as been enhanced in release 2.6 as described in this page. Continue reading


The Seasons screen allows you to add seasons to a league, allowing you to archive schedules and standings for multiple years. Continue reading


The Settings screen provides four tabs to control the front end displays for each sport - Standings, Standings Tables, Schedules, and Schedule Tables. Continue reading

Settings – Schedule Tables

The Settings Schedule Tables tab provides layout options for the league schedules and galleries, and team schedule tables [shortcodes]. Continue reading

Settings – Schedules

The Settings Schedules tab provides formatting of the fields in the schedule tables & galleries shortcodes. Continue reading

Settings – Standings

The Settings Standings tab provides formatting options for the standings tables [shortcode], and the points rules for wins, losses, and draws. Continue reading

Settings – Standings Tables

The Settings Standings Tables tab provides layout options for the standings tables [shortcode], primarily what columns are displayed, their display order, and their labels (headings). Continue reading


This page explains the syntax and arguments for the plugins's seven shortcodes for standings, schedules, and venues. Continue reading

Shortcodes – Arguments for Sliders & Tickers

The shortcode arguments and their defaults for all the League Manager Sliders & Tickers are very similar. Continue reading

Shortcodes (Add-ons)

Many new shortcodes are available in the MSTW League Manager Add-ons plugin, with more planned for future releases. See the MSTW League Manager Add-ons man page for the details. Continue reading


The Teams screen provides a view into the Teams database, and is the gateway to edit Team data. Continue reading

Teams – Edit Team

Use the Edit Team screen to add teams or edit existing teams. Continue reading

Update Records

Use the Update Records screen to update the records for all teams in a given league for a given season. Continue reading


The Venues screen provides a view into, and is the gateway to edit the Venues database. Home venues may be assigned to teams, and neutral sites may also be added. The MSTW Bracket Builder and MSTW League Manager plugins share a database of Venues. Continue reading

Venues – Edit Venue

Use this screen to add or edit game venues. The MSTW Bracket Builder and MSTW League Manager plugins share a database of Venues. Continue reading

Why a Child Theme?

Three paragraphs for WordPress newbies on why you ALWAYS want to use a child theme. Continue reading