MSTW Bracket Builder (Premium) Users Manual

MSTW Bracket Builder (Premium) Overview & Quick Start

The following is a quick summary of the steps required to get going with Bracket Builder premium version. Continue reading

Change Log

List of changes from the version 1.0 to the current release. Continue reading

CSS Styling of Front End Displays

The plugin provides flexibility in styling the front-end displays (from shortcodes) via Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions that have frequently appeared in the Users Forums.
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Hooks – Actions & Filters

A list of actions available in Bracket Builder. Note that this information is only of use to a programmer. Continue reading

How the Free & Premium Versions of MSTW Bracket Builder Differ?

This post describes the differences between the free and premium versions of the MSTW Bracket Builder plugin, and includes a section of Frequently Asked Questions. Continue reading


The premium version of the MSTW Bracket Builder must be installed via the .zip file manual upload method. Continue reading

Manage Teams

The MSTW Bracket Builder shares the Teams database with the MSTW League Manager plugin. Continue reading


The Settings screen provides some global display settings for labels and formats of the tournament shortcodes. Continue reading


A description of the shortcodes supported by Bracket Builder. Continue reading

Shortcodes – Arguments

A list of the default settings, which may be modified in the admin Settings screen or by shortcode arguments. Continue reading


The Tournaments screen provides a list of tournaments with links to add new tournaments or edit existing ones.
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Tournaments – Add/Edit Tournament

Use the Add/Edit Tournaments screen to enter the basic data for tournaments.
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Update Games

Use this screen to manage tournament game schedules and results,
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The Venues screen provides a view into, and is the gateway to edit the Venues database. Continue reading

Venues – Edit Venue

Use this screen to add or edit game venues. Continue reading

Why a Child Theme?

Three paragraphs for WordPress newbies on why you ALWAYS want to use a child theme. Continue reading