Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the free and premium versions of the MSTW Bracket Builder?
The premium version provides much richer front end displays of brackets and fixture tables, and it automates tournament creation and management.

Can I port tournaments in the free version to the premium version of MSTW Bracket Builder?
Not at this time. Perhaps in a future release. You will have to re-enter any tournaments.

I am trying to Update Games for a tournament, and when I save, the table seems to shift inputs to the right of the location. How do I fix this?
This bug will be fixed in release 1.1. A simple work around is to create one venue in the venues database.

How can I create a 64 team tournament, like for NCAA March Madness?
SURE. Create four 16 team tournament brackets, one for each region, and one bracket for the final four. (The video tutorials show how to build a final 4 bracket with “West Regional Champ”, “East Regional Champ”, “Midwest Regional Champ”, and “South Regional Champ” as placeholders until the teams are known..)

Help! My brackets and bracket lines are all screwed up. What can I do?
The first problem one might encounter is that the HTML container of the short code must be wide enough for the entire bracket. The table below provides the minimum size for each bracket size. Note that these numbers are not exact. You may be able to squeeze a few more pixels from each, especial the Free version.

Single Elim Double Elim
# of Rounds Minimum Size Minimum Size
2 550px 980px
3 750px 1050px
4 900px 1200px
5 1050px N/A
6 1200px N/A

If that looks okay, send me a link to your messed up page, and I’ll try to help you out.

How do I need to install the MSTW League Manager plugin to use the MSTW Bracket Builder (Premium Version) plugin?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. BUT, if the MSTW League Manager Plugin is installed, two additional capabilities are available which might be of interest:

  • MSTW League Manager and Bracket Builder share a database of Teams and game Venues (or Locations). So if you have created a set of Teams and/or Venues in League Manager, you can reuse them in Bracket Builder. Also, League Manager has the capability to import Teams and Venues for CVS files. A quick way to get a large set of Teams and/or Venues into Bracket Builder is to import them into League Manager. (You can even deactivate League Manager after the import.)
  • You can restrict the list of Teams assigned to a tournament to those in a League Manager League. This reduces the size of the dropdown menu of teams, which can be convenient on a site with a large set of Teams.

Do I need to use the Teams or Venues database?
No, you can enter the tournament’s teams as text fields, but you will make more work for yourself. Some things to consider:

  • Games in future rounds will not be updated based on previous round’s results. You will have to enter the text for each and every team in each and every game.
  • The team name format will be limited to the text you enter – no logos, no option to show name or mascot or both.
  • Home teams can not be schedule to be the Highest Seed.

Is the plugin responsive?
The tournament brackets are not responsive. The tournament tables provide much better results on small screens.

Why aren’t 32 and 64 team double elimination tournaments supported?
First, because there aren’t many of them around (that I know of). Second, the required screen width would become WAY too big.

Why am I losing my changes when I press the Update Tournament Table button on the Update Games admin screen?
There are two important buttons on the UPDATE GAMES admin screen. Update Tournament Table at the top of the screen simply updates the data on the admin screen based on the tournament selected in the combo box. It does NOT save, update, or change the database! The Update Games at the bottom of the screen DOES save the data on the screen to the database.

Why am I getting the message “Error occurred with tourney: tourney-slug” when I try to run the shortcode on the front end?
If you get that message, check your tournament SLUG (not TITLE). Either you mis-typed the slug in the shortcode, or you haven’t created (saved) a tournament with that slug.

Why am I getting the message “No games found for tourney: tourney-slug” when I try to run the shortcode on the front end?
You haven’t updated the tournament games on the Update Games screen. You must click the Update Games button at the bottom of the table to create the games initially, and to store changes to them.

Can I enter the teams (text) manually on the Update Games admin screen?
Yes, you can enter the teams manually on the Update Games admin screen. Then (a) you will have to enter them manually for every round based on the winners of the previous round, and (b) you cannot show other team attributes like logos and home venues, on the front end. More commonly, you can enter something like “Group A Winner”, “Group B Winner”, etc for the first round, then go back and enter teams (from the database) once the group winners are known.