MSTW League Manager Overview & Quick Start Guide


The MSTW League Manager plugin manages multiple leagues, their teams, and their teams’ records. A variety of shortcodes are available to display league standings, league schedules, and team schedules. An extensive set of display settings is available through the admin screens to customize these displays. Displays may be further customized via Cascading Stylesheets (CSS).

Four shortcodes for front end displays are currently available – League Standings Tables, League Schedule Tables, League Schedule Galleries, and Team Schedule Tables. See the Shortcodes man page for information on using these shortcodes, and the MSTW Dev Site for examples of these shortcodes.


The following steps will get League Manager up and running quickly.

  1. LEAGUES. Add at least one league on the Leagues screen.
    Each League MUST have at least one season. If the Season field is blank, it will default to the current year. Assign the correct sport to your league because the front end display settings are defined by SPORT, not by LEAGUE. These settings may be changed for each sport on the Settings admin screen.
  2. VENUES. Add the team venues on the Venues screen. You will want the venues web site in place when you add teams and then games, so you can assign venues right away, rather than going back to do it later.
    Note that the venues can be imported from the MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards plugin via the CSV Import screen.
  3. TEAMS. Add teams to your league using the Teams admin screen.
    Note that the teams (including their logos) can be imported from the MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards plugin via the CSV Import screen.
  4. UPDATE RECORDS. To display league standings, add team records on the Update Records screen.

If you are only displaying league standings, you are done, if you want to display schedules, keep going.

  1. ADD GAMES. To display league and/or team schedules, add games to a league using the Add Games screen. Games can be added one at a time via the Manage Games screen, but the Add Games screen is much faster. Use the Manage Games screen to change individual games later.
  2. UPDATE GAMES. Update game status on the Update Games screen. This can also be done one at at time on the Manage Games screen, but the Update Games screen is much faster.

Three other admin pages which may be useful:

  1. SETTINGS. Provides a rich set of controls for the LEAGUE STANDINGS and LEAGUE SCHEDULES plugin displays.
    Settings are based on SPORT, not LEAGUE, so all leagues with the same sport will have the same settings. Defaults are provided for NCAA football, Premier League Soccer, and NHL Hockey.
  2. MANAGE GAMES. Add, edit, or delete individual games. Entire schedules can be built using this screen, but using the ADD GAMES and UPDATE GAMES screens is much faster.
  3. CSV IMPORT. Provides the ability to upload Venues and Teams (including team logos) from CSV formatted files.
    Note that these CSV files can generated from the MSTW Team Rosters and MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards plugin using the MSTW CSV Exporter.