Games – Update Games

The Update Games screen allows the status of games to be updated quickly. Games may be selected by a league and season, or by a sport and date. This is much quicker than editing the games one-by-one on the Manage Games screen. The primary data fields and functions on this screen are described below and annotated on the screenshot that follows.

  1. Select League & Season. Begin by selecting a league and season and pressing the Update Table - League button to display all the games in that league and season. Or …
  2. Select Sport & Date. Begin by selecting a sport and a date and pressing the Update Table - Date button to display all the games in that sport on that date. See the screenshot at the bottom of this page. The 3 Pac-12 games on 9/9/2018 appear along with a Mountain West and a Big 10 game on that date.
  3. Game Date, Time, and TBA.. These fields can be updated on this screen, but the primary purpose of the screen is updating game status, not schedule information.
  4. Home Score and Away Score.. Update the game score.
  5. Time Remaining, Period, and Is Final. Enter the current game time and period for games in progress, or check Is Final if game is over. Note 1: If the game is marked final the game time and period are ignored. Note 2: The “Time Remaining” may be the time remaining or the time expired, depending on the sport.
  6. Conference and Division. The Conference and Division status of a game can be changed by checking the appropriate boxes. Note: Managing schedules is not the primary purpose of this screen, so these fields may be removed in a future release.
  7. Media Label and Media Link.. The Media Link is a URL intended to point to game video. However, it can point to any game resource (news article, team page, etc.) Note: The Media Label is only displayed in the Media column of schedule tables. All other displays use a media icon.

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