Game Status Display

The game status is displayed in schedule sliders and tickers, and in schedule tables as a collection of columns. (See the screenshots at the bottom of this page.) In general, game status has three possible “states”::

  • Future game. The date and time (or TBA) of the game are displayed.
  • Game in progress. The period and game time (remaining) are displayed. Scores are generally on separate lines.
  • Completed game. “FINAL” is displayed. Scores again are generally on separate lines.

Note that in all three cases the location of the above information varies based on the display (shortcode) – table, slider, ticker, or gallery.

As of Version 2.3, there are three additional fields in the Edit Game screen, which impact the Game Status display as described below. (Click on any image to enlarge it.)

  1. Game Name. Used to “title” a game, e.g., “Section Championship”, “The Rose Bowl”, “AA Semi-final”.
  2. Status Append. Appends the identified string at the end of the status string, e.g., “12Inn”, “2OT”, or “PKs”.
  3. Status Replace. Replaces the game status with the specified string. The day is still displayed, but any other status information is over-written. Used for “CANCELLED” or “NO REPORT”.

The actual placement of these strings varies with the schedule display, as shown below. KEY:

  1. The Game Name string.
  2. The Status Append string.
  3. The Media Link.
  4. The Status Replace string.

SCHEDULE TABLE Shortcode: [mstw_league_schedule_table]

SCHEDULE SLIDER Shortcode: [mstw_league_schedule_slider]

SCHEDULE TICKER Shortcode: [mstw_league_schedule_ticker]

SCHEDULE GALLERY Shortcode: [mstw_league_schedule_gallery]

There is a setting (in the Schedules tab) to link the game time/status to the game page, regardless of the “state” of the game. A sample game page is shown below:

Note that this page is automatically generated by the plugin. There is no need to create a page in the site admin dashboard.