The Seasons screen allows you to add seasons to a league. (Each league is assigned an initial season when it is created.) This allows you to create schedules and standings for multiple years. The primary data fields are described below and annotated on the screen shot.

  1. Select League. Begin by selecting a league. The seasons for that league will be displayed in the table on the right of the screen. Any number of seasons may be added to a league, but the season names in each league must be unique.
  2. Name. A name MUST be entered for each league. The slug, which is how you refer to a season in the shortcodes, will be automatically generated from this name and shown in the table. The name can be simply a year “2016”, or multiple years “2015-6”, or contain text “2015 Bowl Games”.
  3. Delete Selected. Select the seasons to be deleted, then press the button. EVERY LEAGUE MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE SEASON, so you cannot delete all the seasons for a league.

Season Screen