Change Log


  • Minor upgrade to single game page for overtime games.
  • Allowed league managers to update records for their leagues (applies on to MSTW Add-ons)
  • Removed deprecated PHP functions from some of the code.
  • Corrected several minor bugs.


  • Restricted access to dashboard features that are not provided to users in Team, School, and League Admin Roles.
  • Added access control for Team, School, and League Admin roles in Manage, Add, and Update Games screen.
  • Controls in Game Manager to designate a game as an overtime game.
  • Filter button now displayed on the Edit Venues (list of venues) admin screen.
  • Upgraded the page template so single team schedules are properly displayed in all cases.
  • Fixed bug when a team not in a league is linked from a league schedule.
  • Modified [mstw_team_schedule] shortcode, so the ‘league’ argument is deprecated. It’s no longer necessary. All the teams games for a given season are displayed.


  • The work in 2.8 was primarily clean-up/minor bug correction of PHP code, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Much of this work cleaned up the new ‘meets’ functionaity and display.
  • Game Division and Game Conference were added to the Update Games admin screen.
  • The multi-team schedule shortcode [mstw_multi_team_schedule] in particular underwent significant modification. If you are using this shortcode, you should definitely read the man page.
  • A Team Scoreboard shortcode [mstw_lm_team_scoreboard] was added (to the MSTW League Manager Add-ons plugin).


  • Fixed a bug in the multi-team schedule. One that you might only see if you are using Schools the LM Add-ons plugin to populate team data.
  • Added code to support an ‘all-sports’ sport. This turns out to be important for sites with a large number of teams that show up in game schedules but are not tracked (schedules, standings, rosters, etc) on the site. This gets a bit complicated. If interested, more information can be found here.
  • Added admin support for a new “meets” custom post type and two shortcodes that include meets in league and team schedules. (Full meet support requires MSTW League Manager Add-ons Plugin.)
  • The layout of the schedule in the mstw_league_schedule_table shortcode output has been modified somewhat to better support “meets”. All the content and functionality remain in place.


  • Added a new multi-team schedule shortcode [mstw_multi_team_schedule], which behaves much like the multi-league standings and schedules shortcodes.
  • Added support for BYEs. BYE games can now be created in Add Games and Manage Games screens, and then displayed in the shortcodes. Read more here.
  • Added the option to link game time/result to a media URL in the Settings screen, schedules tab. If there is a media link for a game, the link will be added and a media icon will be displayed in the time/result field. Read more here.
  • The team dropdown list for non-league games only displays teams that play the same sport as the game being modified. Read more here.
  • Corrected javascript; teams now display corrected when league in dropdown is changed (Add Games and Manage Games screens).
  • Corrected javascript; teams now display corrected when non-league game checkbox is changed (Add Games and Manage Games screens).


  • Corrected displays for “low score wins” setting across almost all front end displays. School sliders are still only show high score wins.
  • Changed the league ticker shortcode [mstw_league_schedule_ticker] functionality. (See the man page for details.)
  • Several minor bug fixes.


  • Added a control to display all games for selected sport and date in the Update Games screen. This helps updating Friday night football games, for example.
  • Fixed a bug with the date selector control on the Update Games screen.


  • New multi schedule shortcode [mstw_multi_schedule_table]
  • New sport schedule table [mstw_lm_sport_schedule]
  • Added new fields for games: “Game Name”, “Status Replace”,and “Status Append”. These fields modify the game time/status/result blocks in all front end displays: schedule tables, tickers, sliders, and galleries, and the single game page.
  • Modified the way mstw_multi_standings_table ‘remembers’ the value of the selected league. It no longer uses cookies.
  • Fixed a bug with the Google Maps link images in the Venue Table.


  • Fixed bug that prevented more than 300 games from displaying properly in sliders and tickers.
  • A media icon (with link) can be displayed on schedule sliders, tickers, galleries, and scoreboards.
  • The display in the Media column when no media link is found, now defaults to a blank (rather than “No media found.”).
  • Added filters provide control over the message displayed when no media is found and when no location is found.
  • Added support for schools (organizations), from which team data may be imported.
  • Added support for sports, which may be assigned to schools.
  • Added filters to provide control over the display for gender, level, and season of Sports.
  • Added ability to link a team to a roster (from MSTW Team Rosters).


  • Nonleague games are now shown by default in all displays. So there is no need to use the show_nonleague=1 parameter. If you DO NOT want to show nonleague games, then set show_nonleague=0.
  • Games can now be marked as postponed in the DB and in the front end displays (shortcodes).
  • Fixed bug that prevented display of the media column’s data in schedule tables.
  • Minor clean-up of CSS stylesheets in a number of areas.


  • Added the framework to automatically update league standings from the league games that are marked final. (It is not necessary to update records with the Add-ons.)
  • Upgraded sorting of standings with two levels of tie-breakers (that actually work).
  • Paginated the Update Games screen to workaround WordPress limits on the size of (http) posts. (This also reduces the risk of web server timeouts.)
  • Added the ability to import a league’s games from a CSV file.
  • New data fields and display options for front end displays (shortcodes).
  • League sliders and tickers now display media icons with links when media is available for a game.
  • Added a /lang directory with a .POT file for translators.
  • Fixed several bugs including sorting venues by venue group on the Venues screen.
  • Changed URLs to Protocol Relative URLs to prevent some problems with https based sites.


  • Two different League Schedule schedule/scoreboard scrolling views have been added. “Tickers” are a very concise view, for a banner on the main page say. “Sliders” present the same information in a larger format. [See the examples on the MSTW dev site.](
  • League standings table now supports columns for “Last Game” and “Next Game”.
  • Home games are no longer automatically indicated with a ‘*’ in mstw_team_schedule shortcode table. A ‘star_home’ shortcode argument was added (which must be placed in the shortcode call). If star_home is not empty, the value is added after the opponent name for home games. For example, if star_home=’*’, an asterisk is added to home games. The home game format may also be changed via the tr.home-game css tag.
  • Added a ‘star_league’ shortcode argument for mstw_team_schedule shorcode (which must be placed in the shortcode call). If star_league is not empty, the value is added after the opponent name for league games. For example, if star_league=’*’, an asterisk is added to league games.
  • Team schedule tables now honor the settings in the Settings -> Schedule Table screen. Please read the man page for more information on how Team Schedules and League Schedules share this set of settings.
  • Team Schedule tables now display the results of final games as “W 24-14” or “L 14-24” instead of the “CAL 24, USC 14” displayed in the League Schedule tables.
  • New arguments have been provided to display a number of days on each side of “today” in the schedule/scoreboard tickers.
  • Changed the link to the team URL from the team name in league schedule tables to NOT open a new tab. I believe this is six of one, half dozen of the other, but if there is enough pushback, I’ll add a setting or shortcode argument to control this behavior.
  • Games now have “post content”, which is displayed on the single game template (/templates/single_game.php). This can be used to show pre-game info, and/or a post game summary and statistics.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the standings tables from updating when teams were moved between leagues. [Read more here.](


  • Fixed bug that prevented game times from being displayed correctly (no minutes displayed).
  • Minor clean-ups.


  • Added [mstw_location_table] shortcode.
  • Added venue groups to the venues(locations) admin screen and the above shortcode.
  • Added a Next Game field to the Standings Tables.
  • Added links from standings table fields: Team Name to Team URL or Team Schedule, and Next Game to Single Game Page.
  • Added links from schedules table, team schedule table, and schedule gallery fields: Team Name to Team URL or Team Schedule, Location(Venue) to Venue URL or Google Map, and Game Time/Result to Single Game page.
  • Added a show_home_away argument to the mstw_team_schedule shortcode.
  • Added home-game and away-game class tags to the team schedule tables.
  • Corrected some minor bugs.
  • Removed some left over debug messages.


  • Initial release.