Change Log & Upgrade Notices

Upgrade Notice

Please read the following notes carefully before upgrading to this release:

  • When upgrading the existing coaches data will not be deleted.
  • Any changes to the plugin stylesheet (css/mstw-cs-style.css) *will* be overwritten. So if you customize that file, place it in your (child) theme’s main directory, then it will be safe from both plugin and theme updates.


  • Custom styles can now be managed in a cleaner and safer why. The plugin looks for custom styles in a mstw-cs-custom-styles.css folder in the theme’s (or hopefully child theme’s) main directory. This allows customizations to be preserved across updates to both the theme and the plugin.
  • The plugin will find the single-coach and taxonomy-staff templates in the plugin’s theme-templates folder. They do not need to be moved to the theme’s main directory (unless you choose to customize them in some way, which is not recommended).
  • The single-coach.php template has been improved to make it more useable as a stand-alone feature (not linked from the staff table). In particular the “?position=positionPostID” argument is not required. The plugin does its best to figure out the coach’s staff and position. When this is not possible, and it may not be when a coach has different positions on two staffs, the plugin “fails gracefully” and takes it’s best guess.
  • Changed version number from 0.4 to 1.4 because 0.4 looked lame and I didn’t want to use 1.0! (scares some people)


  • Corrected a major bug that prevented some of the display settings from working correctly.
  • Fixed several PHP notices in mstw_coaching_staffs_admin.php, single_coach.php, and taxonomy_staffs.php. None caused reported problems but in the right circumstances they could have. I’m sure there is more work to be done to remove them all. Please let me know if you come across any.
  • Changed the display settings validation callback so empty strings remained empty strings and were not converted to zeros.
  • Updated mstw_admin_utils.php include file so that settings field instructions were displayed more cleanly in “table format”. *Updated the default WordPress internationalization/translation file – /lang/mstw-coaching-staffs-en_US.pot.


  • Added show/hide controls for all data fields to Display Settings.
  • Added numerous other Display Settings, primarily settings for the gallery, including: Show/Hide Title, Title Color, Corner Style, Photo Size (width x height), Border Color, Border Width
  • Also added settings for the Single Coach’s Profile Border and Width
  • Fancied up the styles on the gallery & profile photos in the default stylesheet
  • Added link to Coach’s Profiles from coach’s photos (as well as their names)

0.1 Initial Release