CSV Sample Files

I use the following CSV files to test the CSV function. Almost all CSV issues in the support forums have turned out to be file format issues*. Rather than starting from scratch, I highly recommend that you first test that you can import one or more of these files into your site, then modify one that works for your use. Generally, some site-specific tailoring of these files is required to test the plugin on your site.

1. TR-Teams-import.csv. Simple test of teams import. Includes links to the SS & LM databases. Will require mods to fit any particular test installation.

2. TR-Players-import-One-player.csv This file has only one row (player). I start here when debugging to keep from junking up the database unnecessarily.

3. TR-Players-import-All-Fields.csv. This file was exported from a Team Rosters v 3.1.2 installation using the MSTW CSV Exporter plugin. Therefore it includes all the data fields, including player title, player slug, the player’s team(s) slug(s), and some player photos. All these fields are NOT required, but this is what you will get from the MSTW CSV Exporter plugin.

4. TR-Players-import-No-Title-Slug-Team.csv. This file is similar to the above, BUT the player title, slug, and team(s) columns are omitted. The player title and slug will be generated from the player first and last names. Since there is no team column, you must select an existing team on the CSV Import screen.

5. TR-Players-import-Pretty-Format.xlsx. This is an example of what a Team Roster might look like in “print format”. It is in Excel native format, not CSV. You can modify it (just change the header row titles to match those in 2 above), save it as CSV, and import it. (Then style the resulting roster tables to look like the Excel format!)

6. TR-Players-import-Pretty-Format-Converted.csv. This file is the “Pretty” format file above, saved in CSV format. It contains the simple modifications to the “Pretty” .xslx file required to save it in CSV format and import it into the plugin.

*NOTE that Mac and MS DOS CSV file formats are different. The plugin’s CSV import function works ONLY with the MS DOS format. If you are using Microsoft Excel to create your rosters before importing them, there is an option to save as CSV MS DOS Format.