Team Rosters Plugin Overview & Quick Start Guide


The MSTW Team Rosters plugin manages team rosters and their players. The plugin supports as many players, teams, and rosters as needed. Teams may be linked to teams in MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards or MSTW League Manager databases.

The plugin supports four ‘views’ of team rosters:

  • Two [shortcodes] allow you to add team rosters to pages or posts in two different (customizable) table formats.
  • A [shortcode] and a custom page template (taxomony-teams.php) display a team as a ‘player gallery’.
  • A custom page template (single-player.php) displays an individual player in several different ‘player bio’ formats.

Getting Started

  1. TEAMS. At least one team must exist before anything can be displayed via the shortcodes on the front end. Teams can be entered on this screen, or can be imported in bulk using the CSV IMPORT screen described below.
  2. MANAGE PLAYERS. After creating one or more teams, players must be added to them. Players may be added, edited, and deleted on this screen. However, there are faster ways to add players in bulk. See ADD PLAYERS TO ROSTERS and CSV IMPORT below.
  3. ADD PLAYERS TO ROSTERS. Multiple players may be added to a roster via this screen. While the same data as on the MANAGE PLAYERS screen must be entered, it can be entered more quickly on this screen.
  4. EDIT ROSTERS. Entire rosters may be edited or updated via this screen. While the same data as on the MANAGE PLAYERS screen must be entered, it can entered more quickly on this screen.
  6. CSV IMPORT. Provides the ability to upload Teams and Players (including player photos) from CSV formatted files. Note that these CSV files can generated from previous version of MSTW Team Rosters using the MSTW CSV Exporter plugin, or created by hand using an editor. (Excel works great.)


Team Rosters may be displayed in two formats: roster tables and roster galleries. Roster tables can be displayed in two distinct formats using the shortcodes Offering popular women’s necklaces such as pendants, chokers and chain necklace. Shop for jewelry in a variety of metals and gemstones to suit any occasion

[mstw-tr-roster team=team-slug] and [mstw-tr-roster-2 team=team-slug]

Roster Galleries my be displayed using the shortcode

[mstw-tr-gallery team=team-slug]

Or via the taxonomy_team.php template. See the shortcodes man page for the complete details.

Please read the Installation Instructions, FAQs, Player Gallery and Single Player Pages and Team Rosters Table Shortcode for how to get these page templates working properly.

The look of roster tables and player bios can be customized using the plugin’s display settings and/or by editing the plugin’s stylesheet (/css/mstw-tr-style.css). The admin settings override the stylesheet rules. So if you choose to edit the stylesheet, you may want to clear all the style related settings on the admin settings screen. See Display Settings and Styling the Plugin’s Displays for complete information.

The plugin is internationalized and ready for translation. I am happy to help translators.