Usage Notes

I recommend that, after reading these fine manual pages, you use the test pages on as guides to compare what works with what doesn’t. Many good shortcode examples are there.

Help me seek out and destroy a dastardly bugs!

  • There WAS a problem with Team Rosters plugin breaking the Featured Image (Thumbnail) for posts in SOME THEMES. I believe this bug has been squashed.
  • It has been reported that the data for one or more players sometimes simply disappears!? I saw this problem on my development site once, when I was working on the Featured Images / Thumbnails for version 2.1. Others report it happens when editing player bios. Whatever I’ve tried, I cannot consistently repeat the error, and therefore I can’t pinpoint the cause.
  • A problem with filtering the All Players admin screen by Team has been reported on some sites, and I believe it was corrected in v4.0. This bug has only been reported on only a few installations, so it’s difficult to test. If it rears its ugly head on your site, the first thing to try is to deactivate all other plugins, including any other MSTW plugins, and re-activate them one by one.

If you encounter one of these bugs, please let me know via this site’s contact page. I will work with you to fix it. Thanks.