Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my Gold Support last?

Gold Support is purchased annually. At the end of the year, you have the option of of renewing your membership for another year. You have the option to auto-renew.

What do I get with Gold Support?

Gold Support includes read/write access to the support forums. This means you can post as many support questions as you want and contribute to other users threads. You also get read access to the documentation and tutorial sections of the site, which are closed to non-members. You also get the author’s help in getting the plugins configured and looking on your site with its theme.

What version of WordPress should I use?

All MSTW plugins are tested with the latest version of WordPress. Older versions of WordPress are not supported. All members are expected to keep their WordPress installations up-to-date; it’s just good practice.

With which browsers are the plugins compatible?

All themes are tested with and designed for the most up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

The policy on this site is to test themes with the latest two versions of Internet Explorer. For example, if the latest version of Internet Explorer is IE9, then themes will be tested against both IE8 and IE9. Older versions of IE are not supported in any way.

Where will the plugins work? Will they work on

The MSTW plugins are made for the self-hosted version of WordPress, which you can download from They will not operate in other web content management systems. is a site owned and run by the company Automattic. If you want to use an MSTW plugin on your blog, you will have to request this from the administrators of that site.

Can I modify the plugins?

The MSTW plugins are open source software licensed under the GNU GPLv2 license. They are 100% free and the code is in no way obfuscated (not counting any spaghetti coding by yours truly). You can download the plugins source code from You are asked to honor the guidelines of the GPLv2 license with any altered or unaltered version of the MSTW plugins you distribute. Thank you.

GPLv2 License