Frequently Asked Questions

I need to create a single (double) elimination tournament bracket? Will this plugin help?
Not today. Tournament brackets are planned for a future release. Sign up for our newsletter to track new releases.

Can I add non-league games to a team’s schedule?
Yes. First, let’s reset the challenge. The plugin was written for leagues, league standings, and league schedules. (duh!) For something like the NFL, there are no “non-league games”, so one can just set up a hierarchy of leagues and divisions, NFL -> NFC -> NFC West, and good to go. In high school and college, there are a lot of non-league games. When you try to add a game, the plugin asks for the league, and only shows the teams in that league to be the home and visiting teams for the game. For example, in 2016 Cal plays Hawaii, SDSU, and Texas, three teams that are not in the Pac-12. So here’s step-by-step of what to do:

  1. Create the non-league teams (and their home venues).
  2. Add non-league games to a LEAGUE and SEASONS using the ADD GAMES screen. On that screen there is a “Non-league’ checkbox for each game. Check it for the non-league games.
  3. By default the league schedule tables and galleries only show league games. Add the argument show_nonleague=1 to the shortcode(s). There is no control on the plugin’s Settings screen to do this. Note that by default the individual team schedules show non-league games, and you can’t change that.

An example can be see on the MSTW Dev Site.

How do I display multiple leagues in a standings or schedule table (or gallery)?
There is one step and one gotcha. First, simply add multiple league slugs separated by commas to the league argument. For example,

&sqlb;mstw_league_schedule league="pac-12-north,pac-12-south" season=2015&sqrb;

That’s it, but now the gotcha. All the leagues must have the same season slug. You cannot enter multiple season slugs, and expect the shortcode to figure it out. If the leagues do not have the same season (slug), you will only see the league with the season you specify. An example can be see on the MSTW Dev Site.

I don’t like the way you calculate points. Can I change it?
Yes. See this man page.

I don’t like the way you calculate win percentage. Can I change it?
Yes. See this man page.

My favorite sport (TiddlyWinks) is not in the list of sports; what can I do?
The list of sports may be extended using the mstw_lm_sports_list filter. The default sport names are ready for translation via the standard WordPress methods. So you could also pick a sport you’ll never use and “translate” its name to your favorite.

My site is on Mars, and our standard date & time formats are not on your lists; what can I do?
The list of date formats may be extended using the mstw_lm_date_formats filter. The list of time formats may be extended using the mstw_lm_time_formats filter.

On Mars we also use a unique abbreviation for “To Be Announced”; what can I do?
The list of “To Be Announced” abbreviations may be extended using the mstw_lm_tbd_list filter. All the abbreviations in the default list are translation ready, so another option is to translate them into Martian. (I do not know the country code for Mars.)

Multiple sliders (or tickers) display on my page, but their controls are messed up. The arrows on one slider control that slider and others. What’s going on?
The JavaScript that controls the league sliders uses the FIRST LEAGUE SLUG in the shortcode arguments to identify the sliders. So if you have multiple sliders on the same page, each shortcode must have a different league slug. For example, if

[mstw_league_slider league=”pac-12,big-10,sec” ] and [mstw_league_slider league=”big-10,pac-12,sec” ]

appear on the same page, everything works fine. But if

[mstw_league_slider league=”pac-12,big-10,sec” ] and [mstw_league_slider league=”pac-12,sec,big-10,” ]

are on the same page, the controls will not work correctly. TICKERS use the same logic.