Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up separate rosters for different teams?
Yes. You enter the players and control what roster(s) they are on through Teams category.

Can a player be on more than one team?
Yes. You can assign two Team categories to one player, in which case both teams will be listed in the title on his or her bio page. OR, you can duplicate a player and assign the copies to different Team categories, in which case only one team will be listed on the bio page.

I live in Madrid, Spain (or wherever). Does the plugin support other languages?
The plugin supports localization as of version 2.0. If you happen to live in Madrid or Berlin, you’re in luck. The Spanish, German, and Finnish translations are contained in the /lang directory. (Thanks Roberto, Chris & Lauri!)

How do I change the look (text colors, background colors, etc.) of the team roster table and/or the player bio page?
See the information on the Display Settings page and on the Styling the Plugin page.

Can I display more than one roster on a single page by using multiple shortcodes?

The link from the players’ names to their bio pages appears to be broken or at least the bio page does not display properly. What did I do wrong?
Maybe nothing. First, please review the installation instructions. You must copy the plugin’s template files into your theme’s main directory. These templates, and the associated stylesheets and settings, were tested with the WordPress Twenty Eleven theme. Your theme may be overriding some of the styles, defining display areas that are too small for various elements of the plugin, or any number of other things. This can all be fixed, but it has to be done on a theme-by-theme basis.

I’m positive I installed everything correctly, but the links to the single player pages (player bios) still don’t work. What’s wrong?
You probably need to reset your permalinks. Go to your admin dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks. Change the permalink setting and save. Then change it back. (FWIW, you probably want to use the Post-name setting, but you must change it to reset the permalinks.)

I don’t want to display weights for a women’s team? How can I do that?
As of version 3.0, there are two ways to accomplish this. First, you can hide the Show Weight column/field in the admin settings screen. This will remove the weight column from ALL roster tables on your site by default. You can override the admin setting with the ‘show_weight’ argument in the [shortcode]. `show_weight=0|1` will hide or show the weight column regardless of the admin setting.