Styling the Plugin’s Displays (v 3.1.2)

More or less complete control of the graphic design of the roster tables, the single player pages, and the player gallery pages may be obtained by editing the plugin’s style sheet /css/mstw-tr-style.css. Depending on your theme, it may also be necessary to edit the single-player.php and taxonomy-team.php templates to get everything to ‘fit’ just right.

Out of the box, the default stylesheet rules in mstw-tr-style.css control the displays. If you don’t want to mess around editing the stylesheet, significant control of the displays is provided through the Display Settings admin screen. NOTE that the admin page settings will override the corresponding styles in the mstw-tr-style.css stylesheet.

Finally, the plugin supports rules specific to individual teams. For example, all roster tables are in a .mstw-tr-table class, which is styled by the default rules, but each table is also in a .mstw-tr-table-team-slug class, which can be styled more specifically for individual. Because they are more specific than the ‘generic’ rules and the rules generated by the display settings, they take precedence over both in “the cascade” of CSS rules.

Combining the above techniques, significant graphic design control of all plugin output can be achieved, as shown on my MSTW Plugin Development Site.

Cal Bears Player Gallery

Willie Mays Single Player Bio