My Sports Team Website

My Sports Team Website (MSTW) is a flexible, professional framework for a sports team website that’s easy-to-use and manage. Until recently, the primary design focus has been high school football teams, but the intent is that it the framework be applicable to pretty much any sport at any level. In fact, it is currently being used for a number of basketball teams, and it will likely be functional for lacrosse teams in the Spring of 2013.

The MSTW framework is composed of a theme, a set of plugins, and a set of widgets. The theme will allow users to set the site’s primary colors (headlines, text, links, etc.) without digging into the stylesheets. The plugins and widgets will provide the following functionality:

  • Game Locations – primarily for driving directions. See the plugin page on for complete information.
  • Game Schedules – multiple schedules across multiple years and teams. See the plugin page on for complete information.
  • Team Rosters – multiple team rosters for multiple years and teams. Several roster views including tabular formats for high school, college and pro teams, a single player or player bio view, and soon, a gallery view of players photos and information. See the plugin page on for complete information.
  • Coaching Staffs – rosters of coaches including photos and bios.
  • Sponsors – advertisements on the site and support for e-mail of  “coupons” and “specials”
  • Frequently Asked Questions – about the team or program. Especially aimed at newcomers to the team or program.
  • Users’ Guide – my comment to make the framework maintainable by volunteer parents who are non-technical.

You can check out the MSTW Plugins that are currently available on the MSTW Development and Test Page. Third party plugins are also used for other functions, for example: integration with social media, an autoresponder, backups, security, calendars (as opposed to game schedules), contact forms, and search engine optimization. You can configure and use these 3rd party plugins based on your needs and the functions each supports.

The My Sports Team Website (MSTW) framework can be deployed in two ways. First, a knowledgeable WordPress developer can download it as is and build a website. There is no intention to ever charge for use of the framework. Second, an organization can contract with a knowledgeable WordPress developer to set up a server, install the framework, and configure it to their preferences (colors, images, etc.). The intent is that it will be easy to maintain by ‘none programmers’.

Why use the My Sports Team Website (MSTW) framework for your team? Because it is easy, intuitive, and fun. Perhaps more importantly, it opens up the potential of a sizable amount of income from advertisers, because it can offer businesses real value in advertising, far beyond an image and a link on the team site.

If you are interested in using the My Sports Team Website (MSTW) framework, or contributing to its development, please contact me via the contact form on this site.