MSTW Bracket Builder Plugin (Free) Users Manual

MSTW Bracket Builder Overview & Quickstart Guide

The MSTW Bracket Builder plugin creates, manages, and displays multiple tournaments. Shortcodes are available to display brackets (knockout rounds), and tables of games (fixtures). The front end displays can be formatted via shortcode arguments, and the plugin’s stylesheet. Two shortcodes for front end displays are currently available – tournament brackets and tournament game tables. See the Shortcodes man page for … Continue reading

Actions & Filters

Several actions and filters are available IN THE PREMIUM edition to allow customization of a number of features as described in the following paragraphs. mstw_bb_home_formats – add indicators for the home team mstw_bb_date_formats – change the date format list mstw_bb_time_formats – change the time format list mstw_bb_home_formats The plugin provides a list of home indicators, None, *, †, ‡. Only … Continue reading

Add/Configure Tournament Screen

The Tournaments menu option provides access to add and configure tournaments. The Add/Configure Tournament screen is shown below, and described in the following paragraphs. Give the tournament a name (title). You can also edit the tournament slug, which will be used in the shortcodes. Select a number of rounds (teams). 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 team tournaments are supported. … Continue reading

Edit/Update Tournament Screen

The Edit Tournament menu option provides the ability to add, edit, and update the information for all the games in a tournament. The Edit/Update Tournament screen is shown below, and described in the following paragraphs. Select the Tournament to Edit/Update. Then press the Update Tournament Table button to load the selected tournament’s information. Date. Select the date for of each … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Premium and Free Versions of MSTW Bracket Builder? The Premium version supports single and double elimination tournaments of up to 16 teams with (optional) consolation games. The Free version supports basic single elimination tournaments of up to 64 teams. See the FAQ below for how the Premium version handles 64 team tournaments. The free … Continue reading

How the Free & Premium Versions of MSTW Bracket Builder Differ?

This post describes the differences between the free and premium versions of the MSTW Bracket Builder plugin, and includes a section of Frequently Asked Questions. Continue reading


The AUTOMATED way: 1. Go to the Plugins->Installed plugins page in WordPress Admin. 2. Click on Add New. 3. Search for MSTW Bracket Builder. 4. Click “Install Now”. 5. Activate the plugin. 6. Use the new Bracket Builder menu to create and manage your schedules. The MANUAL way: 1.¬†Download the plugin .zip file,, from the WordPress site. 2. Extract … Continue reading


The MSTW Bracket Builder plugin supports the following shortcodes: Tournament Brackets [mstw_tourney_bracket tourney='tourney-slug'] generates a tournament ‘bracket’ (or ‘knockout round’) in graphical format as show below. The shortcode’s arguments are described in the following paragraphs. Shortcode Arguments date_format. The format of dates may be defined as a standard PHP date() format string. For example, date_format="l, F j", results in dates … Continue reading