Games – Update Games

The Update Games screen allows the status for all games in a given league and season to be updated quickly. This is much quicker than editing the games one-by-one on the Manage Games screen. The game dates, times, and teams cannot be changed on this screen; use the Manage Games screen to make those changes. The primary data fields and functions on this screen are described below and annotated on the screenshot that follows.

  1. Select the League & Season. Begin by selecting a league and season and pressing the Update Games button to display all the games in that league and season.
  2. Update the Score. Enter the Home and Visitor scores.
  3. Update the Game Time & Period. Enter the current game time and period. Note that “Time Remaining” may be the time remaining or the time expired, depending on the sport.
  4. Select Is Open or Is Final. It is important to mark each game as final so that the shortcodes can display the appropriate status on the front end. If a game is marked final, the game time remaining and the period are irrelevant. (There is no need to enter 0:00 as the time and 4 as the period.)

    Is Open will be used in a future release for live scoring.

Update Games Screen