What’s Next? … MSTW League Manager

Team Rosters 4.1 has been released and the smoke has cleared (4.1.2). Up next are some needed upgrades to MSTW League Manager in time for football season. Planned enhancements include:

  • Automatic Standings Update. There have been numerous requests for this feature. Standings are updated when game scores are marked ‘final’ on the Manage Games or Update Games screen. So you may not have to update the League Standings, just the games. Standings can still be edited for those who may not track games and scores.
  • Update Games Screen Pagination. If a league has too many games, then the Update Games screen has too many data fields, and limitations built into WordPress prevent updates to the games on this screen. (They can be updated via the Manage Games screen.) Paginating the Update Games screen fixes this problem.
  • Improve the Schedule Slider(s). Make some cosmetic fixes and (hopefully, no promises) improve responsiveness. If you are having problems with the sliders on small screens, you might want to try the WP Mobile Detect plugin. One user has reported good results with it.
  • Add Colors to Team Data. This will allow some easy (no CSS) branding of front end displays with team colors. It will also increase integration of the MSTW plugins. For example, Team Rosters can use teams in the League Manager database.
  • Documentation & Help. Add Context Sensitive Help to all admin screens and update the users manual.

What else would you like to see in MSTW League Manager? Let me know as soon as possible since I’m starting this work soon.

Team Rosters Version 4.1 Released

Cal Roster Table

Team Rosters version 4.1 has been released**. Improvements include:

  • Added new admin screen to add players to rosters “in bulk” (paginated, 20 at a time). This screen allows players to be added to a roster MUCH faster than via the Manage Players screen, which is one player at at time. But the quickest way to create a roster is via the Import CSV screen.
  • Added a new admin screen to edit players on a team “in bulk” (20 at a time). Note that on this screen, and the Add Players screen, you cannot modify the player description or the player photo. Use the Manage Players screen to change those fields.
  • Added the capability to link the teams in Team Rosters to teams in the MSTW League Manager plugin, in addition to the MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards plugin. Team logos can be pulled from the selected database. (Team Colors are available only in S&S currently, but that will be addressed in the next League Manager release.)
  • Added a Quick Start admin screen and context sensitive help to all admin screens.
  • Finally squashed the dastardly bug that ‘broke’ Featured Images (thumbnails) for posts in SOME THEMES. (I believe. Please let me know if you see this behavior again.)
  • Corrected a bug that prevented “sort roster by number” from working in certain circumstances, and a bug that prevented the CSV Import screen from using the team selected in the “Select Team to Import” control. (Thanks to those of you who have brought bugs to my attention.)

The plugin remains “translation ready”, but translation has been moved to WordPress’s new “PolyGlots” system, and the /lang/ directory has been removed from the plugin distribution. (I am happy to help translators. Send me an e-mail.)

The CSV import sample files have been moved to ShoalSummitSolutions.com, and the /csv-examples/ directory has been removed from the plugin distribution.

**NOTE: There was a problem with the initial upload of the plugin to wordpress.org. If you auto-installed the plugin from your admin screen prior to reading this, you MAY have encountered some errors. If so, simply de-activate and delete the plugin, then re-install. (You will not lose your data.) Sorry for any inconvenience.

MSTW Tournament Bracket Builder Premium Version 1.0 Released

The MSTW Tournament Bracket Builder Premium is the leading WordPress plugin for creating and managing tournament brackets. Nothing else comes close! Simply and easily build tournament brackets (knockout rounds) and game schedules (fixture tables). The automated admin process lightens your workload, and the simple shortcodes will make your site pop. See how easy it is in this short video!

Tournament Bracket Builder - Fixtures Table ThumbnailTournament Bracket Builder - Knockout Bracket Thumbnail

{Click on images to view entire screenshot}

Your purchase includes one year of free upgrades, and access to a full users manual, video tutorials, and a dedicated community support forum.

MSTW Tournament Bracket Builder features include:

  • Create single or double elimination brackets of 4, 8 or 16 teams.
  • Customize front-end displays using a large set of display options, and with custom CSS styling.
  • Link to a custom database of teams and game locations. Add team logos, customize display of team and venue names, links to team sites, links to Google maps, links to venue websites, and more. (This database can be shared with the MSTW League Manager plugin now, and with the entire MSTW family of plugins soon.)
  • Schedule the 1st round by established seedings or with user-defined game pairings.
  • Automatically handle of “BYEs” (free pass to next round).
  • Advance winners – winner is advanced to next round when game goes final (as well as first-time losers for double elimination brackets).
  • Specify and display home teams (very important for some sports, or just identify who is wearing white).
  • Plus much more!!

Did we mention your purchase includes one year of free upgrades, and access to a full users manual, video tutorials, and a dedicated community support forum?

MLB Logo Set Just Released

MLB Logo
Chicago Cubs MLB Logo
Cleveland Indians MLB Logo
San Francisco Giants MLB Logo

Just in time for Spring Training, a complete set of Major League Baseball Logos, is now available. Have an MLB site? Or maybe just a little league that uses MLB logos?

Over 100 images are included in the .zip file. These .png images are precisely scaled for the best appearance in the MSTW plugin displays on your site.

Special offer to all MSTW Newsletter subscribers. Use this code – OPENINGDAY – to receive 50% off your purchase until Opening Day 2017!

Get your copy now!

NOTE: Your purchase is for the labor expended to convert the images to the optimal sizes for use in the MSTW plugins – at least one 41x28px and one 125x125px image for each team. NO RIGHTS TO USE THESE IMAGES ON YOUR SITE ARE GRANTED OR IMPLIED. You must obtain the rights necessary to use each image on your site, which depends on your site (personal, commercial), and the organization owning the rights to the image.

League Manager Version 1.4 Released

Version 1.4 of MSTW League Manager plugin was released last Friday. You can read about its new features on ShoalSummitSolutions.com. Three new MSTW League Manager tutorials are now available to Gold Support members:

  • Standings Tables
  • Multi-League Standings Tables
  • The Settings Admin Screen

More League Manager tutorials will be available very soon, including:

  • Using the Teams Database
  • League Schedule Tables
  • Team Schedule Tables
  • Schedule Tickers & Sliders
  • Shortcode Arguments

If you come across any bugs in this release, please report them through the support forums as soon as possible . Also, if you have ideas for new features that you’d like to see in the next release of League Manager, or any other MSTW plugin, please e-mail me. (mark@shoalsummitsolutions.com)

League Manager 1.4 Released

League Manager version 1.4 has been released. Here’s a summary of the major enhancements in version 1.4:

  • Multi-Standings Shortcode. This shortcode supports the display of multiple league standings tables via a dropdown list of selected leagues at the top of the standings table.
  • Multi Standings

  • Last & Next Game Columns. The next game and/or the last game for each team can now be displayed in league schedule tables.
  • Schedule Ticker Shortcode. Tickers are intended for the top of home pages as quick views of recent games. The range of dates can be controlled by the date arguments described below.
  • League Ticker

  • Schedule Slider Shortcode. Sliders are larger views of league schedules with more information than tickers. The range of dates can be controlled by the date arguments described below.
  • League Slider

  • New Date & Time Controls. Schedule shortcode displays can be controlled by several arguments for game date ranges including: start date (“now” continually changes the date & time), a fixed end date, a number of days into the future, or an interval (days) around the start date.

A number of smaller upgrades and bug fixes are also in this build.

Several tutorials on the new features will be available soon for Gold Support Members.

Team Rosters Featured Image Bug Fixed (?)

This is a call for some debugging and test assistance. If the following makes no sense to you, nevermind! It is only a problem for some premium themes, which is way I’m asking for help.

If you have experienced the long-standing problem with the the Team Rosters plugin messing up the Featured Images (aka “Thumbnails”) for posts on your site, I MAY have found a fix. If you would like to try it out, you can download it from the plugin’s development tree. You only need the mstw-team-rosters.php file. If you do try it out, please let me know how it works on your site.

League Manager Versions 1.2 & 1.3

League Manager versions 1.2 & 1.3 were released in the past few days to address two bugs in the previous version(s).

Version 1.2 fixes the bug which prevented game times from displaying properly in the shortcode displays (times were rounded to hours and minutes where zero’ed).

If you have changed some some settings for a sport, but NOT the schedule table time format, you will need to change the schedule table time format to any other setting, save it, then reset it to what you want.

Version 1.3 fixes a bug that most users may never encounter. If a team was removed from a league (via the Teams admin screen), it continued to be displayed in that league’s standings table (shortcode). It would not appear in the Update Records admin screen for that league. In fact, the team could even be deleted, and its record would still appear in the standings table!! Please don’t ask. 🙂

However, the correction sometimes causes the [mstw_league_standings] shortcode to display a message for existing leagues (with perfectly good records) similar to the following:

No records found in league pac-12-south.

Fortunately, this problem is easily fixed. Just update the existing records for the league in question; that is, load them in the Update Records admin screen, and re-save them without change. This video demonstrates the problem, and shows you how to make the simple fix.

Team Logos Now On Sale

You can now purchase logo sets for your favorite leagues at the the MSTW Store. Countless hours have been invested in building logo sets for testing the MSTW plugins. Why re-invent the wheel? Whether you don’t have the graphics skills, don’t have the interest, or just don’t have the time, you can jump start your website’s database of teams with pre-sized logos for MSTW schedule tables, standings tables, and scoreboards (41×28 px) or player profiles, team galleries, single game pages, and schedule sliders (125x125px).

All NFL, Pac-12, and Big-10 teams are available now. More NCAA Leagues, MLB, NBA, NHL, the Premier League, Euro-16 team flags, Olympic team flags, and more will be available in the near future. If there are team logos you need soon, feel free to contact me.

Pac-12 Schedule

Sample Scoreboard

Premier League Standings

Cal Schedule Slider

49ers Slider

More examples are available on the MSTW Development Site.

You are purchasing only the labor expended to convert the images to the optimal sizes for the MSTW plugins. At least one 41x28px and one 125x125px image. NO RIGHTS TO USE THESE IMAGES ON YOUR SITE ARE GRANTED OR IMPLIED. You must obtain the rights necessary to use each image on your site, which depends on your site (personal, commercial), and the organization owning the rights to the image.

MSTW League Manager 1.1 Now Available!

MSTW League Manager version 1.1 is now available on wordpress.org. Check it out in action on the MSTW Dev site.

In addition to a number of bug fixes and code cleanup items, the primary changes are:

  • Added a Next Game field to the Standings Tables
  • Standings Table - Next Game Column

  • Added links from standings table fields: Team Name to Team URL or Team Schedule, and Next Game to Single Game Page.
  • Added links from schedules table, team schedule table, and schedule gallery fields: Team Name to Team URL or Team Schedule, Location(Venue) to Venue URL or Google Map, and Game Time/Result to Single Game page.
  • Added [mstw_location_table] shortcode
  • Added venue groups to the venues(locations) admin screen and to the above shortcode. (This feature will be much more important a few releases down the line, when automatic scheduling will be introduced.)
  • Venue Shortcode

  • Added a show_home_away argument to the mstw_team_schedule shortcode, and .home-game and .away-game class tags to the team schedule tables. Combined, these two additions provide flexibility in displaying home games in a team schedule as shown below.
  • Team Schedule - Home Game Settings