Adding Schedules to Menus

1. You don’t need to create any pages.

2. Create schedules using Game Schedules. I recommend that you use schedule IDs that are a¬†single word rather than multiple word schedule IDs. For example, ‘2013-varsity-football’ rather than ‘2013 Varsity Football’.

3. Add menu items for your schedules using the Appearance->Menus screen. Menu items should be entered as CUSTOM LINKS  using the following format


Note that you cannot use spaces in the sched and title arguments (due to some vagaries of WordPress security, I guess). So I used the %20 code to add spaces to “My Team Schedule” above. The same method will work for the sched argument should you decide to have spaces in your schedule IDs.

If sched is not provided, it will default to ID 1. If title is not provided, it will default to “Schedule”. If sched is not a valid schedule ID, a “No scheduled Games Found” message will be displayed.

Of course if you want fancier customizations on your schedule pages you can always create a page for each schedule, add the Game Schedules shortcode, and fancy it up to your heart’s delight with custom HTML, PHP, and CSS.