Coming Soon in Game Schedules v3.0

The Game Schedules plugin is undergoing a major overhaul in response to user requests. New and upgraded features include:

  • Game Time is now entered based on a 24 hour clock which will eliminate the sensitivity to the format of the text entry. In short, you now enter 13:30 via two pull-downs instead of  “01:30 pm”. This format is also more ‘friendly’ to our many international users. Entries for “TBA” are also entered via a new pull-down rather than over-riding the time text field in previous versions.
  • The timezone defaults to the timezone setting in the WordPress Dashboard Settings->General screen.
  • The date and time formats for the Game Schedule table and countdown timer [shortcodes] and the widgets and the admin screens are set in a new Games->Display Settings admin screen.
  • NEW! A maximum number of games that are displayed can now be set in the schedule table [shortcode] and widget. Only specified number of games will be displayed from the current time forward.
  • NEW! A start and end date for the games that are displayed can now be set in the schedule table [shortcode] and widget. If the maximum number of games is set, only that number of games between the start and end dates will be displayed.
  • NEW! Schedules may now be uploaded from Comma Separated Value (CSV) format files.

Game Schedules version 3.0 is planned for release before Spring 2013. Planned features that may or may not make the Spring release:

  • A ‘single game display’ that will show the teams with logos and other game information in a larger format. It will be a custom page template for a game post type, much like the ‘single player’ display in the Team Rosters plugin.
  • A schedule ‘gallery’ page that will show the entire schedule in the ‘single game’ format described above. It will be a custom taxonomy page for a new taxonomy for games, much like the ‘player gallery’ page in the Team Rosters plugin.