Coming Soon … League Manager

I have been contacted many times by admins attempting to use the MSTW plugins, especially MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards, for LEAGUES. The plugins were designed for a single team or a single school, not for leagues; so they are far from a perfect fit for leagues. So about a month ago, I finally decided to build a new MSTW League Manager plugin. Here are the basic features with some screenshots of the development version. If you have comments or suggestions, feel free e-mail them to me (but no promises!).

Basic Front End Features (not pretty yet, but you’ll get the idea):

Back End (Admin) Features:

  • Add multiple games on one admin screen
  • Update multiple games on one admin screen
  • Import teams from MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards (or your own spreadsheet)
  • Import games from MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards (or your own spreadsheet)
  • Individual Settings for each league – points calculations, order & display of columns, and much more
  • Hierarchical Leagues, for example NFL <-- AFC <-- East, West, North, South

Last but not least, and this will NOT be in version 1, I’m looking at a league scoreboard with LIVE UPDATES when games are in progress.

The plugin will NOT be feature complete in time for high school basketball season, but if you are interested in working with a BETA version for this basketball season, please let me know.