CSV File Format

The Comma Separated Value (CSV) files consist of a row for each ‘data record’; i.e., each post of the specified MSTW Custom Post Type (CPT) and custom taxonomy. The plugin will format everything correctly for you, but the following information is provided should you wish to create your own CSV file to create and import teams, venues, games, schedules, or players (rosters).

Each CSV file consists of a header line followed by one line for each row in the data table for the specified CPT or custom taxonomy. Lines are delimited by , the standard PC format. Mac users should be aware that the Mac uses to indicate the end of a line, WHICH WILL BREAK THE IMPORT. So when creating or modifing a CSV file on a Mac, using Excel for example, you must save any CSV file in CSV (Comma delimited) or CSV (MS DOS) format.

Each file begins with a header line consisting of a name for each data element in the WP DB for the specified CPT. This line must be there and must use the specified strings. Following the header line, there is a line for each DB entry. Entries are separated by commas (ergo, Comma Separated Value) and can be blank. Fields cannot be skipped. Empty fields MUST be included as ,,. Multi-word entries and entries containing punctuation (a comma will really mess things up!) should be quoted.This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs