Game Locations 1.2

California Memorial StadiumThe Game Locations plugin has been replaced by the MSTW Schedules & Scoreboards plugin. All the features of Game Locations, plus more, are available in Schedules & Scoreboards. Game Locations data can be moved to Schedules & Scoreboards using the MSTW CSV Exporter plugin.

The MSTW Game Locations plugin creates a table of locations with links to maps for each one. It creates a custom post type, game_locations, installs an editor for this post type, and provides a shortcode, [mstw_gl_table], to display the custom posts.

Use the Add/Edit Game Location screen to enter the Location (as the title), the street address, city, state, and zip. The plug-in builds the link to that location on Google Maps for display through the Game Locations table. The Custom URL field can be used to replace the Google Map generated from the address fields, which is linked from the map thumbnail in the map column.

Game Locations Shortcode Table

NEW in version 1.2 of MSTW Game Locations

  • Completed internationalized the admin pages. The default .po and .mo files have been updated and are in the /lang directory (and are currently being tested with a German translation.
  • A new “Venue URL” data field was added. It provides a link the the location/venue’s web page, NOT MAP, from the venue name, NOT MAP ICON, in the shortcode table.
  • Added the (now standard) display settings to show/hide table columns and related columns/data fields.
  • Map marker color was changed to support only the basic 8 Google Map marker colors. (Don’t ask, just live with it.)
  • Many tweaks were made to suppress PHP Notices & Warnings.

Add/Edit Location Admin Screen

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