Game Schedules 4.0 Release WILL Beat Santa!

I am in the death throes of the version 4.0 release – readme file, screenshots, I18n .pot file, documentation on this site, etc. Some of you may not be aware that plugin readme files drive most of what you see as well as what you download for plugins on the site. Internationalization has been fleshed out more fully on the admin side, so there are many more strings that need translation for this version.

The coolest new feature is the schedule slider along with the team logos. You can check them out on the MSTW plugin development site. The admin Display Settings have been greatly enhanced – show/hide data fields, customize data field and schedule table column titles, I18n, more control of display colors, complete control of time and date formats, team specific CSS tags have been added different teams schedules can be displayed in different colors and layouts for something like a league site. Again, see the dev site where the Cal slider and schedule uses the admin display settings and the 49ers slider and schedule use custom styles.

Thanks to the beta testers who have provided valuable feedback. In case you think the MSTW dev site is composed of Jedi mind tricks, check out this beta site. (Thanks Brent.)

Stay tuned. After this release I am committed to getting the MSTW Theme/Framework re-released, even if I have to back down to a single sport site briefly. Much of the recent work on Game Schedules will be re-used within the framework. I have received several of great ideas for Team Roster upgrades (Thanks Jay), but they are going to wait for the MSTW Theme/Framework to be completed.