Game Schedules 4.1 & 4.1.1

Game Schedules 4.1.1 was released on today.

Game Schedules 4.1 previously introduced the following features:

  • Schedule tables can now display the last N results from the current time.
  • New CSS tags (by team) allow COLUMNS in schedule tables to be customized.
  • Added contextual help to Display Settings admin screen.
  • The Schedules, Teams, and Games admin screens were cleaned up to better handle missing required data elements.

In previous versions, including 4.1, each schedule on the Schedules admin screen had a title, a default permalink or slug generated from the title, and a “schedule ID”. In theory, the schedule ID was intended to be used to reference schedules in shortcodes, etc. in WP permalink or slug format, while the title was simply informational – a nice native language title for lists and pulldowns on the admin screens. Unfortunately, the software used the ‘slug’ generated from the title, not the schedule ID field, to reference schedules in the [shortcode]. Damn programmers! The majority of users probably never saw this issue, but those who changed the post’s (schedule’s) permalink probably thought things were a bit strange.

This bug is addressed in version 4.1.1. The schedule ID field is now used to create the schedule’s permalink/slug and the default field to modify the permalink, normally right below a post’s title, has been removed. So when you upgrade you will likely have to go into your schedules screen and update each schedule ID TO MATCH THE PREVIOUS permalink/slug generated from the schedule title. If you simply entered the identical title into the schedule ID field, you should be fine. However if you changed the schedule’s permalink/slug, you’ll need to enter that. It is assumed that if you changed the schedule’s permalink/slug, all this makes complete sense, and you know what needs to be done. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but it needed to be straightened out to move forward with the MSTW Framework. Phew!! Thank you for your patience.

Finally, both releases some missing strings were wrapped and added to the /lang/default.pot language translation files. Work continued to remove PHP notices and warnings for those who like to leave the WordPress DEBUG feature on.