Change Log


Lots of clean-up intended to suppress PHP Notices and Warnings plus bug fixes: * Problem with Schedule slider at the end of a season * Problem with Schedule DB entries, Team selection from Teams DB being ignored * Problem with Game entries, Location selection from Locations Plugin DB being ignored * Problem with table and slider opponent name formats being mixed up (cut and paste error)


Another MAJOR UPGRADE with significant new functionality requested by users including:

  • Added a new shortcode, [mstw_gs_slider], which displays a schedule slider
  • Added the ability to show team logos on schedule sliders and tables. Created two new CDT’s – Teams and Schedules – to support this capability
  • Integrated Game Locations into the new Teams CDT
  • Added the ability to display the next N games in a schedule to the [mstw_gs_table] shortcode and the widget (by setting the first date-time to ‘now’
  • Re-organized (expanded) Display Settings into a tabbed admin screen
  • Added the ability to show/hide data fields and custom data field labels so they can be re-purposed
  • Admin screens now display any customized data field labels, rather than the defaults
  • Added the ability to specify custom formats for dates and times (based on standard php date() format strings).
  • Added javascript colorpicker controls to display settings admin screens
  • Added the ability to sort the “All Games” admin table by Schedule ID
  • Removed the Edit option from the Bulk Edit actions. Bulk delete remains available
  • Added a javascript datepicker control to simplify game date entry
  • Added a filter (mstw_gs_user_capability) that allows developers to better control admin access to the plugin’s admin menu items
  • Completed internationalization of admin screens
  • Completely re-factored the code for both the front and back ends


A MAJOR upgrade adding significant functionality requested by users:

  • Several admin settings pages were added.
  • The weight column can now be hidden by an argument in the [shortcode] or by an admin setting.
  • ┬áThe number of games displayed in a schedule ([shortcode] or widget can now be set.
  • A date range can now be set for the games displayed in a schdule [shortcode] or widget can now be set.
  • The plugin is now integrated with the Game Locations plugin. Game locations can be entered to game schedules from a pulldown list of locations in the Game Locations plugin. A link to the location in Google Maps is automatically added.
  • Changed the current time to get the WORDPRESS time instead of the SERVER time as was the case previously.
  • Changed the actual countdown time (time to next game) construction due to some ‘anomalies’ with the previous version.


  • Fixed a bug prevented “TBD dates” from displaying properly (and producing php warnings in some cases).
  • Added a Spanish translation. Thanks to Roberto in Madrid.


  • Fixed a bug (related to translation) that was causing dates to drift a month off in the shortcode table display.


  • Changed date() to mstw_date_loc() – forgot a column in the shortcode.
  • Added $mstw_gs_time_format to support changing the date format on the schedule table [shortcode].
  • Updated the Croatian translation.


  • Added the option for a link from a game’s location field (displayed in the shortcode table and the countdown widget) to a specified URL.
  • Corrected a typo that make the new links on opponent entries not work in every scenario.
  • Fixed several bugs in the stylesheet and how it loads (enqueues).


  • * Schedules can now go across multiple years. Schedules are now identified only by the ID, instead of ID and year (as in previous versions). The year field is now simply a part of the game date.
  • Added internationalization for the user interface only, not the admin pages. Provided a default .po file in the /lang directory for any would be translators out there, and a Croatian translation (in the mstw-loc-domain-hr_HR.po file).
  • Added a setting to countdown timer widget and an argument to the countdown timer shortcode that tells the countdown timer to use home games only.
  • Added team links. You can specify a URL for each game. The schedule table shortcode (not widget) will add a link to the specified URL on the opponent name.
  • Removed the “current time” field in the widget and argument in the shortcode. This was used only for testing and is not really needed. (There are other ways to test.)
  • Removed Quick Edit link from the editor. (It broke things and was unnecessary.)


  • Expanded the media URL input fields to maxlength 255. (Some media outlets have long URLs.)
  • Corrected bug so that multiple schedules (shortcodes) can be now displayed on one page.
  • Added a custom header for


  • Initial release.