Game Schedules Plugin Version 2.0 Released Today

I released version 2.0 of the Game Schedules plugin a few minutes ago and it is now live on This version contains several significant upgrades, but the one I am most jazzed about is internationalization. Thanks to the prodding and help of my friend Jurak in Split, Croatia, I took the time to figure out WordPress internationalization (or localization) and, like most things in WordPress, it is REALLY cool! So there is now a Croatian translation in the release, and a default.po file that translators can use to create more translations. Jurak also suggested some of the other upgrades described below.

  • Schedules can now go across multiple years. Schedules are now identified only by the ID, instead of ID and year (as in previous versions). The year field is now simply a part of the game date.
  • Added internationalization for the user interface only, not the admin pages. Provided a default .po file in the /lang directory for any would be translators out there, and a Croatian translation (in the mstw-loc-domain-hr_HR.po file).
  • Added a setting to countdown timer widget and an argument to the countdown timer shortcode that tells the countdown timer to use home games only.
  • Added team links. You can specify a URL for each game. The schedule table shortcode (not widget) will add a link to the specified URL on the opponent name.
  • Removed the “current time” field in the widget and argument in the shortcode. This was used only for testing and is not really needed. (There are other ways to test.)
  • Removed Quick Edit link from the editor. (It broke things and was unnecessary.)

For more info, please check out the WordPress plugin page.