Game Schedules Upgrade Status

Thanks to all of you who sent in recommended enhancements. Some of them actually made the cut. 🙂

Here’s a short summary of the status. You can look at the front end stuff on my dev site.

  • The new shortcode, [mstw_gs_slider], is working. The settings from the admin Color Settings page seem to be working. There are more settings to add and the shortcode args to fully test. Custom CSS by team/schedule has not been tested.
  • Added the ability to display the next N (remaining) games in a schedule to the [shortcode] and the widget (by setting the first date-time to ‘now’).
  • Added the ability to display multiple teams/schedules in the same schedule table or slider via [shortcode] or the table widget.
  • Adding the ability to customize the look of the schedule table [shortcode] (now working, see my dev site), the countdown timer [shortcode] (in work), and the schedule slider [shortcode] (in work).
  • Added the ability to show/hide data fields and customize data field labels so they can be re-purposed. The Admin screens now display the customized data field labels. (Cool!)
  • Completing the internationalization of admin screens.
  • Added a javascript datepicker control which simplifies game date entry.
  • Added a javascript colorpicker control to admin screens to simplify color entry.
  • Added the ability to specify custom formats for dates and times (based on php date() format strings).

A lot of this is back end stuff. If you would like to try out a beta copy of this release, just send me a request via email.

Besides cleaning-up/finishing/testing all of the above items, I have started developing a new “Teams” concept which will be an integral part of the overall MSTW Framework and tie all the existing plugins together. Turns out, step one has forced me to make some significant mods to Game Locations, enough that I should do a new release of it. But it’s all good.