Game Schedules v3.0

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Version 3.0 of the Game Schedules plugin is a major overhaul inside and out. It addresses a number of bugs reported by users and offers many new features on both the front and back ends. New and upgraded features include:

Front-end features for Website visitors

The following features enhance the site user experience:

  • Schedules (Table) Widget – displays schedules (in tabular format) on pages and posts.
  • Schedules Widget – displays (abbreviated) schedule tables in widget-enabled areas.
  • Countdown Timer Shortcode – displays countdown timers to the next game on pages or posts.
  • Countdown Timer Widget – displays countdown timers in widget-enabled areas.

Back-end features for Website Admins

The following plugin features enhance the website admin experience:

  • Import Schedule from CSV Files – allows an administrator to upload schedules from CSV format files. No more tedious data entry for long seasons with many games.
  • Enhanced display settings – provide better control of date-time formats on the both user displays and admin screens. There is also the ability to hide the media column.
  • Integration with Game Locations Plugin – makes it even easier to enter game locations and link them to maps and driving directions.
  • Unlimited Number of Schedules – may be created, so historical schedules and results can be saved and future schedules can be advertised. Schedule ID’s are no longer limited to four characters.
  • Plugin Stylesheet – allows an administrator to style schedule and countdown timers shortcode and widget displays via one simple, well-documented CSS stylesheet (css/mstw-gs-style.css).
  • Internationalization – the plugin is fully internationalized (as of v 3.0) and Croatian, Spanish, and Swiss German (NEW!) translations are included with the distribution. (Many thanks to Juraj, Roberto, and Chris!)
  • Updated Users Manual – a much more complete set of man pages is now available on this site.


There is no singular post template in this release. A single game view, complete with helmets/team logos and all the information is available in the schedules is planned for version 3.1. It is waiting for the sport and team concepts to be fully fleshed out in the My Sports Team Website (MSTW) Framework.