Change Log


  • Completed internationalized the admin pages. The default .po and .mo files have been updated and are in the /lang directory.
  • A new “Venue URL” data field was added. It provides a link the the location/venue’s web page, NOT MAP, from the venue name, NOT MAP ICON, in the shortcode table.
  • Added the (now standard) display settings to show/hide table columns and related columns/data fields.
  • Map marker color was changed to support only the basic 8 Google Map marker colors. (Don’t ask, just live with it.)
  • Many tweaks were made to suppress PHP Notices & Warnings.


  • The plugin was “internationalized”. It is now ready for translation and the default .po and .mo files are in the /lang directory.
  • The Game Locations table was enhanced to add map icons for each location.
  • A settings screen was added to support the changes to the table. (See the Other Notes section.)


  • Changed the way styles are enqueued to fix a compatibility issue with WP 3.4


  • Increased the length of the Custom URL field to 256.


  • Changed links to Google Maps in shortcode to include location street address.


  • Initial release.